Experience the Benefits of Higher Power Loupes for Your Procedures
B.J. Chang PhD
Isn't it time to question why 2.5x power magnification is still the "standard" after more than 50 years? It's all well and good to decide that 2.5x is the best magnification for you, but I notice many don't make that decision for themselves, they let that decision be made for them.

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Contact your local representative for an in office demonstration of these principals.
Contact your local representative for an in office demonstration of these principals:

A Few Words from High Power Loupe Users 
"My current set of loupes, SurgiTel Prism Pro 5.5x, have fulfilled [my needs] wonderfully. When coupled with SurgiTel's LED Headlight, the road is paved to timely diagnosis, decisive treatment (as opposed to let's wait and see what happens...) and meaningful productivity."

Martin B. Goldstein

"These SurgiTel high power loupes outperform other lenses. Implementing high power (4.5x to 8.0x) lighted loupes will improve your practice daily. Upgrading is a positive and necessary benefit. It is the best and most accurate dental tool."

George Grayson

New Product:

New Ergo Max Loupes

Premium frame design for the best vision and maximum ergonomics. The two main requirements of loupe performance, together in one extra-comfortable frame!
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