White Paper:

Demystifying Magnification Power of Loupes: 7 Questions and Answers
B J Chang PhD
How can 4.8x magnification be less than 4.5x magnification? In our newest white paper we will discuss where the magnification you personally experience comes from! These same principals explain how you can have multiple magnifications using the same SurgiTel loupe.
Should You Use the Same Loupes as Your Associate?
B.J. Chang PhD

Loupes are very custom tools, and some make the mistake of following their associates too closely in their purchase. In this issue we explore how four differences between you and your associate might warrant a completely different loupe!

New Product:

New Ergo Max Loupes

Premium frame design for the best vision and maximum ergonomics. The two main requirements of loupe performance, together in one extra-comfortable frame!
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