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Enhanced Vision Enhances Success 
George Grayson
Quote OpenWhat you can and cannot see is important to the final outcome of your art. Utilizing a greater magnification with a loupe and light allows easier and less time consuming restorative placement (ie: layering of composite) and finishing procedures. Restoration disappearance occurs. We create an illusion Quote Close by making the restoration disappear into the body of the tooth.
Microscope Magnification with the flexibility of loupes
B.J. Chang PhD

You can now achieve microscope level results with loupes with 5.5x to 8.0x magnifications. Specialized technology, developed for both oculars and frames, achieves the stability for clearest vision with the lowest weight for greatest comfort.

In this month's newsletter I discuss the history that has advanced this technology, along with how clinicians' work has advanced which requires loupe technology to keep up!

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