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SurgiTel High Powered Loupes and High Powered Digital Cameras: A Perfect Synergy 

Martin B. Goldstein

Quote OpenTeeth are small. The afflictions that can lead to their demise are even smaller. One such culprit, the intra-coronal fracture, is near impossible to see unless Quote Close viewed under significant magnification... [continued]
Prism Technology Facilitates Professional Magnification
B.J. Chang PhD

In the past prism loupes were very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Then SurgiTel developed numerable patented innovations that made prisms lightweight and easy to use.

Yet, many clinicians are still struggling with low magnifications to perform the work they need to accomplish.

Read below what this technology involves and what it can do for your work.

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Advances in Magnification and Mounting with SurgiTel's Patented Prism Loupe Technology

Learn more about how your work can be enhanced using advances in prism (expanded-field) technologies!
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