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Research on Blue Light Hazard
Richard Price
Quote OpenI commend SurgiTel for recognizing the potential retinal hazard from using very bright 'cool white light' LEDs. They have also taken steps to reduce the most dangerous blue light emission at 445 nm from the LEDs in their headlamps. I recommend that clinicians ask the manufacturers of LED headlamps and LED operatory lights to provide the spectral emission from their light Quote Close source, not just the brightness or intensity of the light.
Is My LED Headlight Safe?
The Blue Light Hazard
B.J. Chang PhD

You protect yourself from curing lights, but do you have an LED Headlight that is extreme-blue? Research suggests that long term exposure to these devices can damage your eyes.

In this issue we discuss how SurgiTel's achromatic lens technology creates a safe color balance and why dangerous headlights are still sold.
Additionally, we have included links to further clinical research.
Video Highlight:

The Blue Light Hazard in Medicine and Dentistry

The Price Lab highlights the dangers to the eye of looking at bright lights, such as extreme-blue LED lights which have a strong output in the 440 to 460nm range.

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