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Practicing Dentistry Pain Free

Presented by Timothy J. Caruso, PT, MBA

Eighty percent of dentists report work-related pain. This is not just "part of the job." All the tools and knowledge already exists to prevent this suffering. This webinar will reveal the core, actionable facts about your pain. Replacing non-ergonomic tools and/or changing poor habits can bring your body into a safe working posture. This webinar is for those who are ready to work without pain.
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From the President
Continuing Education:
The Core Ergonomic Rules You Should Not Break

B.J. Chang PhD


SurgiTel was founded to help clinicians see better while working safely and ergonomically. To advance that mission, SurgiTel has collaborated with Dental Learning and Timothy J. Caruso PT MBA. Together we have created a Continuing Education course bringing to light the facts on Clinical Ergonomics.


The fruit of our efforts is a webinar which reviews why there is an epidemic of pain among dental clinicians, and how we can use currently available tools and techniques to reduce or eliminate that pain.

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Featured at ADA 2014:

Introducing the Touch-Free LED Headlight from SurgiTel: The Eclipse™ LED. Featuring IR sensor technology, the light turns on/off with a wave of the hand.

* Avoid the risks of cross-contamination *
* Wave it on when you need the light, wave it off when you don't *
* Consult without blinding patient/assistant *
* Conserves battery life *

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