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Can Chronic Neck Pain Be Eliminated or Healed? 

Selected Testimonials and Ergonomic Courses
B.J. Chang PhD and Karl M. Schwartz MBA


Quote OpenErgonomic postures are not a natural posture such as
a tennis stroke, baseball swing or golf swing. Our
natural instinct is to tilt our heads and twist our bodies to
get a closer view of our work. Using loupes effectively and ergonomically, by sitting upright and rotating our eyes down through a strong Quote Close declination angle, takes practice.

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From the President
Key Factors for Ordering Custom Loupes: Part 1:
Declination Angle as the Key Ergonomic Factor 

B.J. Chang PhD


What is your optimum declination angle (look-down angle) range? How can you be assured you are working safely and ergonomically?


Never before documented, in this month's paper is a step-by-step guide to measure your own best declination angle range using your own natural, relaxed working posture.


Can you prove to yourself you are working with the best declination angle, safely and ergonomically?


And if so, can the rest of your office say the same?



Contact your local SurgiTel Representative to find out what is the optimum declination angle for your next pair of custom loupes.
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What makes truly Custom, Ergonomic Loupes?

Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes

  • Customizable declination angle
  • Features patented stabilization technology for clear images and easier work
  • Patented vertical slide and double hinge mean a custom alignment to your personal working posture

Through-the-Lens Loupes

  • Stronger declination angle results from SurgiTel's patented and patent pending technology
  • Patented frame tilt allows for better downward vision and more complete eye protection
  • Clear, stable images mean for easier, more comfortable work  
To learn more about what custom loupes can do to make your work easier and more comfortable, contact your local representative online
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