Review Paper

Eye Hazards Related to Clinical

 LED Headlamps / Headlights: A Real Danger or a False Alarm? 
B.J. Chang PhD and Karl M. Schwartz MBA


Quote OpenNo safety standards
or guidelines for regulating LED headlights have been
developed. As a result, many LED headlights being
used by clinicians today are not designed with safety Quote Close
in mind and thus are potentially hazardous.

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From the President

Advances in SurgiTel Headlights: Design Considerations of LED Headlights for Color Accuracy and Eye Safety 

B.J. Chang Ph.D


A full history of SurgiTel's headlight development including how we have been able to provide the best beam quality and best eye safety.


Learn more about the different lights available and what they mean for both your work and your eye health!


Also featuring a Q&A section with answers to four of the most common LED headlight questions.



Contact your local SurgiTel Representative to learn more about the possible dangers of the wrong kind of LED.
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The Blue Light Hazard in Medicine and Dentistry
This video from the Price Lab highlights the dangers to the eye of looking at bright lights, especially LED lights that have a strong peak output in the 440 to 460nm range, e.g., LED operating theater lights or a dental curing light.
For more information and references relating to the blue light hazard, see their article.

The Possible Ocular Hazards of LED Dental Illumination Applications (Abstract)
Catherine Stamatacos, DDS & Janet L. Harrison, DDS
This linked abstract has been reprinted with permission from the Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association. 

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