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How SurgiTel FLM Loupes Can Save Your Hygiene Career

Edie Gibson, RDH, BSDH, MSc, MAADH

Quote OpenIn 2009 I required extensive spinal surgery which ended my clinical career. If I had known about the ergonomic benefits of loupes from the start of my career, I am convinced I would still be Quote Close practicing dental hygiene.

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From the President
Dr. Chang

Demystifying Custom Loupes 

by Jin Chang Ph.D


How can you know if your loupes are truly ergonomic? What is the most important adjustment you need in your loupes? What are the least effective designs that are being sold right now?


Learn about how legacy designs are being sold today and how to avoid them with SurgiTel's newest white paper!



To learn more about custom loupes built for your work, contact your local representative at 1-800-959-0153 or Contact Your Rep Online!
Custom Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) Loupes
  • Maximizes ergonomic benefits with truly custom look-down angles
  • Flip-up for non-magnified view
  • Easy to change your lens prescription
  • Patented arm stabilization
  • Patented vertical slide and double hinge for perfect alignment to your working posture
Read more about the benefits of FLM models from Edie Gibson or Dr. Jin Chang above, or learn more online or from your local representative.
Know someone still using old heavy loupes?
Announcing our New ComfortFlex frames!
  • One of our lightest frames
  • Comes in Velvet Red with shades of Pink or in Black with Grey accents
  • Special Ultem arm material adapts to the user and resists any misalignment 
If you would like try on this new frame at your office
contact your local rep or call 1-800-959-0153.

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