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Jaycee Check-Up
When Jaycee's appetite drastically declined over two days time, we knew it was time to anesthetize her for a check-up. Her blood tests came back normal, but an ultrasound revealed inflammation in her digestive system. You may recall that Jaycee was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in July 2014 and switched to a novel protein diet to help manage her condition. We knew going into the exam there was a potential that her condition would be the culprit, but we wanted to rule out more serious issues, such as poor organ function or infection before we started treatment. With confirmation that Jaycee was facing irritation from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, we started her on oral steroids to help her recover. Luckily, Jaycee had a wonderful recovery from anesthesia and has happily taken her medication every day (which is quite an accomplishment for her as a very shy, cautious tiger). Jaycee will likely need to stay on a very low dose of steroids for the rest of her life to help manage her condition. We're just glad that Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a manageable condition that will still allow her a long, happy life!
Willie Check-Up
We had to work in a check-up for Willie during August as well, because he wasn't as food motivated as normal. He was still eating but not as much or as enthusiastically. We decided it would be better to be proactive in evaluating Willie due to his senior age of fourteen. We were relieved that Willie's exam gave him a clean bill of health, but we did discover the early stages of chronic kidney disease. It's wonderful that we were able to catch this so early, because we can start Willie on medication to support kidney function and thereby prolong his life! His new medication will be administered orally twice a day for the rest of his life. Thanks to your support, we can provide our animals with the most outstanding veterinary care and medications available!
Michael Gibbs Scholarship 
Each year National Tiger Sanctuary awards an exceptional student with the Michael Gibbs Scholarship to aid in the cost of their tuition. Our 2016 recipient, Brooke McWherter, has a long history of volunteering and employment at National Tiger Sanctuary. Brooke spent this summer as our supervisor of Animal Care before returning to school to get a Master's degree in environmental justice. We're proud of Brooke and happy to see her chasing her dreams!  
Cat of the Month - Bambi
Bambi is a very loving and silly leopard always rolling upside down and doing somersaults through the grass. Although she likes most people, she seems to have a particular fondness for men. You can adopt Bambi online, over the phone, or in person. As a thank you, we will send you a t-shirt, window decal, certificate of adoption, and photo of Bambi!