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Welcome Arnold the Pig!
National Tiger Sanctuary welcomed a new and quite unique addition to the family on July 21, 2016. Arnold the pig was donated by a local family that raised Arnold from just a little piglet. The family had experience with pet pigs, but they could tell early on that Arnold was not your typical house pig. He caused a ruckus from a young age and eventually had to be moved to an outdoor pen. Even though Arnold was a little unruly, they still loved him and wanted to make sure he would be taken care of for the rest of his life. The family decided to donate Arnold to National Tiger Sanctuary where he will enjoy a nice shady habitat, a great diet, and appropriate veterinary care in his many years to come!  
Respect Me, Don't Pet Me!
Would you take your 8-week-old baby to the mall and set-up a booth where stranger after stranger could pay to hold, feed, and play with them? No way! Your baby would be exposed to germs, miss important sleep, and become very stressed. That's exactly what's happening to baby exotic animals all over the US due to poor regulations.

If you have ever visited National Tiger Sanctuary you have learned about the cruelty of cub handling operations, also known as Pay To Play. You can join our fight to end Pay To Play in the US by letting the USDA know they you support a ban on contact between the public and dangerous, exotic animals. The USDA is currently accepting comments on this important issue, and your polite, well-articulated comment on the matter could help protect captive big cats from this cruel industry. Comment now before the August 31st deadline! 

Even though it might sound fun to have your photo taken with a cub, the Pay To Play industry is inherently cruel for the baby animals that are ripped from their mothers and deprived of proper nutrition and care. Many end up at roadside zoos and with unqualified owners where they live out miserable lives. We have rescued animals that were used in the Pay To Play industry when they were cubs, and usually only one or two cats in each litter survives through the excessive handling. One undercover investigation found a death rate as high as 80-90% - truly tragic. We have seen firsthand the mental, emotional, and physical stress it can cause an animal, and that's why we continue fighting to end Pay To Play nationwide.  
New Entrance
The National Tiger Sanctuary entrance has a whole new look! You might recognize our metal tiger (known around the sanctuary as "Rusty") that used to reside just outside the entrance to our visitor's center. Rusty is now featured atop our new archway when you enter the sanctuary. Stop at the gate for a photo next time you visit, and be sure to tag National Tiger Sanctuary!
Cat of the Month - Janina
Even though Janina recently passed away from liver cancer, we still want to honor her memory as Cat of the Month for August. Janina overcame much hardship and neglect before coming to NTS in 2014, but despite her past she was friendly and loving. Janina loved lounging on her platform and destroying cardboard boxes. You can adopt Janina online or over the phone, and as a thank you we will send you a t-shirt, photo, window decal, and certificate of adoption.