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Lenny, Meet Zoe!
Lenny and Zoe had their first face-to-face meeting on April 2nd, and it was undoubtedly love at first sight! We have been working towards their introduction for several months, and after many positive interactions through the fence, we knew they were ready to finally get together. Their initial moments together were filled with smelling and grooming one another. Now the two lovebugs chase each other, eat together, and of course, snuggle together! 

Sadly, Lenny and Zoe were both sold into the pet trade as babies, and neither of them ever had an opportunity to live with their own kind. Ring-tailed lemurs are social animals that live in troops in the wild, so having a companion in captivity is a huge benefit to their physical and mental health. Thanks to your support, Lenny and Zoe will be able to live out their lives together in a safe, comfortable environment!
Vet Check
Did you know that National Tiger Sanctuary is currently home to 28 big cats, 11 dogs, 8 cats, 2 ring-tailed lemurs and an ever-changing population of rehab animals? Right now, that brings us to a total of 52 animals in our care! Although we are only required to have one veterinarian check per year, we have our vet out more frequently to look at the animals, give vaccinations, and provide any other necessary care. On our most recent vet visit our team was tasked with trimming the nails on our Great Pyrenees, Kai. Kai isn't a fan of someone touching his feet so Dr. Talbot hoisted him in the air to help him relax - no easy feat as Kai comes in at 126 lbs! Not only did the nail trim go smoothly, but all the other animals checked out well too. 
Tigers By Twilight
Our first Tigers By Twilight for the year will take place on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 9:00 pm. This unique evening tour gives you a totally different perspective of big cats as they stalk by the light of the moon! For those of you that do not have tiger vision, don't forget to bring a low light flashlight! Please call 417-587-3633 ex. 0 for reservations as availability is limited.

Adults $40  -  Seniors (55+) $35  -  Children (3-12) $20
New Website
Check out the brand new look of the National Tiger Sanctuary website for 2016! You can meet our animals, shop the store, and catch up on sanctuary newsletters! A big thank you to Mascot for the design!
Tigger was one of six cubs confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife Service when the owner of a pseudo-sanctuary tried to sell them into Mexico. After being confiscated, Tigger temporarily resided at a Texas zoo before coming to NTS in 2012. He is very adventurous and enjoys chasing anything that moves fast - whether it's a vehicle, person, or dog! 

You can adopt Tigger online or over the phone. As a thank you, we will send you an NTS t-shirt, window decal, adoption certificate, and photo of Tigger!