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All donations to National Tiger Sanctuary are tax deductible. Please use employer identification number 43-1908595. We appreciate your support!

National Tiger Sanctuary is well-known for our efforts in rescuing exotic wildlife, but beyond that, we are also active in helping domestic animals. We frequently pick-up strays, rescue animals running through traffic, and help find homes for found or displaced animals. Often, we end up keeping the animals ourselves when they are not good candidates for adoption. Just to give you an idea, our team of 9 people have 64 animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, donkeys, snakes, frogs, ducks, and even a rat! Below, you can check out our two new domestic animal projects and meet some of our furry friends!
Strays Off The Streets 
National Tiger Sanctuary started our Strays Off The Streets campaign to help save domestic cats in our local region. The owner of a nearby mobile home community has set traps to catch stray cats and says he plans to dump them elsewhere. One resident of the neighborhood has asked the owner to give her a chance to safely catch the cats and find homes for them to avoid this uncertain fate. The resident contacted National Tiger Sanctuary to help her save the strays and make sure they receive medical attention and find loving homes. We have raised an initial fund of $1660 to support the project.
The first step was getting the owner to agree to let the resident remove the animals without his intervention. After his consent, it was time to start catching the cats and getting them to the vet! Each cat will be vaccinated, tested for feline leukemia and heartworm, spayed or neutered, and given any other necessary medical treatment. We will then work together to find loving homes for each cat. 

There are at least eight cats and a litter of three kittens that need rescued. So far, five of the cats have received medical treatment and been fixed. One cat has already been adopted and two more are awaiting homes at National Tiger Sanctuary. The resident we are working with is fostering the other cats until they find permanent homes.

Through social media, we were able to raise the initial funds to start providing care for the cats. We anticipate needing to raise a supplementary amount after we access the health of each animal. Thank you to our supporters for making our Strays Off The Streets campaign a success! Every penny counts, and the cats appreciate your compassion!
Foster Program
Three months ago we started fostering Miracle (right) and her two newborn puppies (above) for our friends at Route 66 Rescue. When the rescue organization picked up Miracle, she was in bad condition and not caring for the puppies. She had no milk to give and the puppies were dehydrated. Unfortunately, three of Miracle's puppies had already died before Route 66 Rescue got involved, leaving only one boy and one girl. After a couple days of intensive care, Route 66 Rescue brought the family to us to foster. When the trio arrived, the puppies were only a few days old, but since then they have grown so much! The male puppy has been adopted, and Miracle and her daughter will be permanent residents of NTS. To find out more information about adopting a dog through Route 66 Rescue in Ozark, MO click here.
Our Domestics
Kai (left) and Bonnie (right) were found running on a four-lane highway near the sanctuary.  Luckily, NTS founders, Keith and Judy, picked them up before they got hit by a vehicle. We searched for owners, but they were never claimed. Shortly after finding a home at the sanctuary, Bonnie had a litter of seven puppies!
Tank is one of the two puppies that stayed with NTS. It took awhile for Tank to figure out how to coordinate all his long limbs, which seemed to grow faster than the rest of his body! He finally got the idea, and you can now catch him romping with his sister or Luna, his newest friend!

Tuggy is the other puppy that stayed with NTS. She had some health problems when she was young but is now doing very well and loves to play with her big brother!  She is affectionate and likes to jump in bed at night to snuggle.

Zeus is one of our five Great Pyrenees. He had been abandoned by previous owners, and the shelter was worried they would have to put him down due to not getting adopted. Our founders, Keith and Judy, discovered him at an adoption event and brought him home!

Poochie was owned by neighbors of Keith and Judy when they lived in Bloomsdale, MO. Pooch went over to their house to visit every single day. When Keith and Judy made plans to move to Branson, Pooch's previous owners thought she would be devastated if they left without her; so, they gave her to our founders so she could always be with them!
Luna is the newest addition to Keith and Judy's family. She is a very sweet, extremely active girl who loves to play with Tank! Unfortunately, before she came to NTS she spent her life tied to a tree and frequently escaped looking for food and love.
Tink was rescued from a pet store by Keith and Judy. She was so sick, the store owner didn't expect her to live, so he just gave her away. Keith and Judy gave Tink the best care they could, and now she is a thriving, bouncy, little girl! She loves to go on adventures to the store with mom and dad!

Hoppy had gotten one of her legs caught in a fan when she crawled up under a car; she also suffered a hernia. Keith and Judy were told about her, and they immediately jumped in to help. She underwent two surgeries for her hernia, and lost her leg, but she has learned how to get around on three limbs and is now a happy, healthy kitty!
Woody had been found living in a wood pile. He was very sickly and was taken to a vet clinic. They needed someone to watch him while they went out of town, so Keith and Judy offered to take him in, and they nursed him back to health. Woody loves playing with other cats and has beautiful markings.
Smokey and his sister, Bandit, had been left after their owner moved. Keith and Judy lived next door, so they cared for them and decided to take the cats with them when they moved! Smokey makes sure that everyone says hi to him when they visit NTS!
Despite their different looks, Bandit is Smokey's sister. She loves to come inside the visitor's center to talk to and rub on the guests. She is also known for her loud meows to request food and attention!

Mr. Kitty had been a stray cat who ended up suffering head trauma so severe he couldn't jump or run for many months. He was adopted by our founders and is doing very well now. He has taken on the roll of "Mr. Mom" because he likes to take new cats under his wing!

Calli arrived at NTS via riding underneath a car. She was very lucky by not sustaining any injuries, but she was very scared. It took awhile for our founders to coax her out of hiding, but it was worth it. She has now joined Keith and Judy's other fur babies!

Leopold (top) and his siblings were four weeks old when they were found in a plastic bag dumped on the street.  Simba (bottom) was found roaming a trailer park with no collar or tags and was never claimed. Both cats were adopted by Abbie and spend a lot of time watching birds from their cat tree! 
Vanilla Bean, affectionately known as "Nilla", was found running through traffic and never claimed. We suspect that she was dumped when she grew out of the puppy phase, because she was still very young when found. She is extremely rambunctious, but settles down to snuggle in the evenings.   
These three kitties have been adopted by Natalie. Scamper (left) and his siblings were dropped at NTS's vet's clinic. Mooky (middle) had been born on Natalie's parent's farm, and Sienna (right) had been a stray living behind a Branson theater. All three are best buds!

BooBoo was dropped off at a cat and dog only shelter with her mom and siblings. A kind volunteer took them home and found homes for all the babies except one. When Abby saw a picture of her, she had to take her home.  BooBoo loves to run and make nests out of toilet paper tubes.

Roxy was purchased from a pet store as a puppy but later abandoned by her owners. When Abby heard Roxy was going to be left at a shelter, she took her home.  Now, Roxy's favorite thing to do is play tug-of-war! 

Shelby was adopted by Beth when her previous owners got a dog who was aggressive towards cats. Beth and her roommate have made Shelby very comfortable in her new home!

Spanky was in the care of a lady who fosters and rescues dogs. Andrew had always wanted a pug, and when he found out about Spanky, he made arrangements to adopt him when he moved from Tennessee to Missouri.

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