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January 2016
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Articles to motivate and educate members posted daily.

SDIF is starting off 2016 with a double header at our January meeting. Special guest Liz Goodgood of Red Fire Branding will be speaking on branding and our own Michele Nash-Hoff will be speaking on manufacturing. 

Thanks to our panelists from December for sharing their Kickstarter experience: Michael T-Rex Kadie, Roth Weinstein, Dean McBain, and Miguel Valenzuela with PancakeBot.

Thanks also to Carl Yee for updating us on his disappearing ink as Inventor of the Month. If you have an invention you'd like to share, please contact us. You could be the next Inventor of the Month!  We learn from each other, so please volunteer!

Thursday, January 14 - Doors open at 6:30 for Networking
Conference Center at AMN HealthCare, 12400 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130
Meeting starts at 7:00  
$10 includes a snack and drink (correct change appreciated!)

SDIF - The Place to Be
SDIF monthly meetings are the ideal place to get help on all aspects of inventing as well as make new contacts. Unlike other inventors' organizations, we have no costly annual dues or membership requirements. All you need is a desire to learn about the world of inventing and to network with like-minded people. Whether you're an inventor or a service provider to inventors, SDIF is the place to be the second Thursday of each month!

Have a New Year's Resolution to Grow Your Start-Up?
CONNECT's Springboard Workshops Can Help!

April 6 - Employment Law: Using Human Resources to Drive Results

At our January meeting we will again go over CONNECT Springboard's new Pre-Screening evaluation form. These guidelines show what topics your project will be scored on if you are qualified for an Intake Panel. These are the same topics any investor will visit when vetting.

You can sign up to receive emails about their workshops and events on the CONNECT website.
Video Testimonials
We took a couple of video testimonials and inventor shout outs at the last meeting that we will post on our site soon.  We'll be doing this again at our January meeting.

If you would like this exposure, please plan to arrive at the meeting 1/2 hour early so Sidney Wildesmith can tape you. Contact Sidney to schedule your time.
Special Offer for Kickstarter Contestants
Thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign?  How will you let people know about your Kickstarter initiative?  Here's an offer that's too good to pass up!

From now through March 1, Judith Balian of Excoveries and Constant Contact can offer you a free mobile-friendly email template with your branding, an email list upload, and free online training.  Contact Judith for details.    760.436.8848
SDIF Memberships
SDIF now has memberships.  Regulars can pay $10 monthly at the desk or become members. One year for $100.

Membership Benefits
Discount 2 months off regular price
Monthly admission to local meetings
Subscription to Monthly Newsletter
Free Webinar & new videos link
1 free listing for Members New Product Showcase
2 Seats at the 2016 Contest
Thinkfactory Media Seeks Family Inventor Contestants
Justin Nichols of Thinkfactory Media, an Emmy Award winning TV Production Company, is developing a new show about families who invented a new household product together. They are looking for a product that the kids, teenagers, parents etc. all worked on as a team and now are ready to begin selling their invention. 

Justin Nichols 

Sponsors & Inventor Stories Wanted
SDIF Sponsors wanted!!!
-Platinum Sponsors - $2500-On banner and introduced at contest, Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website, and on monthly Agenda
-Gold - $1000- Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website and monthly agenda
-Silver -$500 - post in newsletter, website and monthly Agenda
-Bronze -$100 - post in newsletter & website

Nationwide webinars are planned!  Stay tuned for more information.

Stories wanted!!!
Send us yours or Become an "Inventor of the Month"!
Time onstage (10 minutes) to pitch your product and get feedback.
Help motivate other inventors, come tell your story!
Newsletter Help Wanted
SDIF is someone to create additional emails as needed.  In addition to our regular monthly newsletters, we often have special announcements and need help getting those posted.  You will be added as a Contributor and mentioned at meetings' end when we thank everyone who helps.


Writing ability
An eye for design (fonts, sizing, etc.)
Knowledge of Constant Contact would be a plus (but we have the template)
A little knowledge of HTML would be helpful 

Training provided.

Please email Adrian or Judith Balian if you are interested.  
SDIF Videos
Thanks to our volunteer videographer, Sidney Wildesmith, you can now watch online videos of all the SDIF presentations for the past year.  
Sidney, you're the best!  

Patent Law Changes
We are continuing our efforts to help stop HR 9 which would negatively impact small inventors.  SDIF has added our backing to the Amicus Brief on Patent Rights. 

Wishing you an inventive day and hoping to see you next Thursday!         

Adrian Pelkus  


Adrian Pelkus, Chairman
San Diego Inventors Forum
Quick Links
Quick Links

San Diego Inventors Forum Website...  (Information on our meetings and directions) 

Resources for Inventors
Development Council

The mission of the San Diego & Imperial SBDC Network is to provide superior business consulting and education that results in entrepreneurial success and economic growth and prosperity for California. Over the last five years the network has assisted more than 12,000 business owners raise capital, increase revenue and create jobs. Under the guidance of professional consultants, our clients have generated more than $41 million in capital infusion into the local economy.

Consulting is complimentary to businesses that are ready to grow and is available in a private setting at one of four centers and six outreach locations. The SBDC offers guidance on how to reduce the cost of operations, increase sales and market share, financing, money management, exporting internationally, marketing and online marketing, patent and technology commercialization, and market research. To learn more about these valuable resources, visit their website or contact Carol Wiley at 619.216.6690 or 

United Inventors1

SDIF is a member of the United Inventors Association is the Inventor Industry's national membership foundation dedicated to inventor education and support.  Learn more...

CONNECT Springboard offers free guidance and development to life sciences, clean-tech, high tech and consumer product companies in all stages of development, ranging from concept, technology transfer to start-up. Contact: Steve Hoey, Director, Springboard Program & Innovation Research at or by phone at 858.964-1308   Learn more...

SCORE can help you start a new business or improve your present business. For more information about the SCORE San Diego's free small business counseling and the low-cost workshop series, call 619.557.7272 or visit their website

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