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      "I AM A GIRL offers their stories of strength, hope, courage, resilience, and a refusal to be second best." 
      Sarasota Film Festival

There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on Earth. In light of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign around the recent kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria, we see this is true now more than ever. 


In I AM A GIRL, we meet 14-year-old Kimsey from Cambodia, forced to sell her virginity at 12; Aziza from Afghanistan, who will be shot if she goes to school; Breani, a teen living in a ghetto of NYC and dreaming of stardom; Katie from Australia, who is recovering from a suicide attempt; Habiba from Cameroon, betrothed to a man 20 years her senior; and Manu from Papua New Guinea, about to become a mother at 14 following her first sexual encounter. As they come of age in the way their culture dictates, we see remarkable heart-warming stories of resilience, bravery and humor. 


Nominated for four Australian Academy Awards including Best Documentary and Best Director, I AM A GIRL is an inspirational feature length documentary that paints a clear picture of the reality of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. 


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To celebrate this new release, WMM is offering a 50% discount off any film in The Next Generation: Young Women and Girls Collection when you purchase I AM A GIRL at list price! The films int this collection cover a wide array of issues facing young women and girls all over the world, see highlights below. Use promo code IAAGE14 to apply your discount. 

With more than fifty years separating Kandice's story from the landmark Brown vs. the Board of Education decision, FAR FROM HOME illustrates the ways in which a truly desegregated education system is still an unachieved goal in this country.
COVER GIRL CULTUREBeing thin, pretty and sexy brings happiness. Young girls receive these messages daily hundreds of times. But who sets these impossible beauty standards-and how can they be changed? 
GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD is a collection of six extraordinary documentaries that examine the hopes, dreams and worldviews of a diverse group of 17-year-old girls from across the globe.
In MOHAWK GIRLS, filmmaker Tracey Deer intimately captures the lives of three exuberant and insightful Mohawk teenagers as they face their future, and what it means what it means to grow up Native at the beginning of the 21st century.
VIRGIN TALES2013 New ReleaseEvangelical Christians are calling out for a second sexual revolution: chastity! The film chronicles how the religious right is grooming a young generation of virgins to embody an Evangelically-grounded Utopia in America.


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