November 2013 
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Buy THE KOREAN WEDDING CHEST OR UNDER SNOW and get 50% off* any of the below titles now on DVD! Reference promo code UO3E13. Offer expires 1/31/2014.

"Wickedly delightful....Sophisticated, mysterious and deliriously beautiful." LA Times

"Ottinger reappropriates the aesthetics of narcissism for a feminist discourse." Miriam Hansen, Univ of Wisconsin 

Ticket of No Return
Winner, Audience Award, Festival Sceaux, Paris

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"Ottinger's fascinating documentary... carefully locates the contemporary wedding industry at the very heart of the intersection of tradition and modernity in Korean culture." Harvard Film Archives

In THE KOREAN WEDDING CHEST, director Ulrike Ottinger merges ethnography, stunning tableaux and baroque vignettes to portray love and marriage in a South Korea caught between globalization and ancient custom. Inspired by the "well-stocked miracle" of traditional wedding chests, Ottinger evokes a modern fairytale flush with mythical rites, ancestral symbolism, dreams of eternal love and an overdose of Western kitsch. Read more


 "Visually and musically evocative... A film for all who wish to take a journey to a mysterious and slow world." 

Asia-Pacific Weeks


For more than half the year, heavy snowfall engulfs Japan's Echigo region, leading locals to develop a distinctive way of life. Ottinger invites audiences UNDER SNOW and into these curious communities where everyday routines along with traditional religious rituals, festivals, cuisine, songs and games are adapted to Echigo's austere living conditions and natural beauty. Read more and view the trailer.


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*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Other exceptions may apply.

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