October 2013 
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Interested in the pressing issues facing youth today? Join the conversation with WMM's THE NEXT GENERATION: YOUNG WOMEN & GIRLS Special Collection! 
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Since our beginnings in 1972, WMM has grown from a feminist filmmakers' collective into an industry-leading nonprofit media arts organization and distributor. For 40 years, WMM has transformed the landscape of filmmaking for women directors and producers, bringing the issues facing women around the world to screens everywhere. Now, with more than 550 films in our catalog, including Academy®, Emmy®, Peabody and Sundance nominees and award winners, WMM is the largest distributor of films by independent women directors in the world. In the last five years, dozens of WMM films have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and the Sundance Channel, among others. 

HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY is now available from WMM! This provocative and hilarious new documentary from Therese Shechter, director of I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST, uses personal testimony and ample wit to explore critical issues around female sexuality, youth and the confounding value of sexual purity in an otherwise hypersexualized American society.
Layering vérité interviews and vintage sex-ed films with candid self-reflection and wry narration, Shechter reveals myths, dogmas and misconceptions behind this "precious gift." Sex educators, porn producers, abstinence advocates, and outspoken teens share their own stories of having - or not having - sex. In a culture where "Be sexy, but don't have sex" is the overwhelming message to young women, the film goes through the looking glass to understand a milestone almost everyone thinks about but no one actually understands. Read more and view the trailer.
Special Offer: 25% Off VIRGIN TALES!

To celebrate this new release, WMM is offering 25% off VIRGIN TALES when you purchase HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY at list price! Use promo code LOSVIRE13 to apply your discount.
The perfect companion film to Therese Shechter's eye-opening exposé on the paradoxical value of female virginity in US society, VIRGIN TALES, broadcast on Showtime, poignantly explores the world of Evangelical "Purity Balls." These ceremonial celebrations of sanctity, chastity and servitude are rapidly becoming the basis of a new and powerful Christian counterculture.VIRGIN TALES goes behind the scenes of this movement, capturing intimate moments within the lives of young participants and closely profiling the Colorado family at the forefront of this modern day crusade. Read more and view the trailer.

Offer expires 11/30/13. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Other exceptions may apply.
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