July 2013 
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Since our beginnings in 1972, WMM has grown from a feminist filmmakers' collective into an industry-leading nonprofit media arts organization and distributor. For 40 years, WMM has transformed the landscape of filmmaking for women directors and producers, bringing the issues facing women around the world to screens everywhere. Now, with more than 550 films in our catalog, including Academy®, Emmy®, Peabody and Sundance nominees and award winners, WMM is the largest distributor of films by independent women directors in the world. In the last five years, dozens of WMM films have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and the Sundance Channel, among others. 

This is a particularly important film for our times in that it tells a story that runs counter to the dominant stereotypes about Muslim women."
Stephen Hughs, University of London


Women Make Movies is thrilled to announce that World Channel will broadcast INVOKING JUSTICE  as part of its Global Voices programming! The documentary will air on Sunday, July 14. Check times and local listings. 
In Southern India, family disputes are settled by Jamaats - all male bodies which apply Islamic Sharia law to cases without allowing women to be present, even to defend themselves. Recognizing this fundamental inequity, a group of women in 2004 established a women's Jamaat, which soon became a network of 12,000 members spread over 12 districts. Despite enormous resistance, they have been able to settle more than 8,000 cases to date, ranging from divorce to wife beating to brutal murders and more. Award-winning filmmaker Deepa Dhanraj (SOMETHING LIKE A WAR) follows several cases, shining a light on how the women's Jamaat has acquired power through both communal education and the leaders' persistent, tenacious and compassionate investigation of the crimes. Learn more.
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WMM's International Human Rights Collection fearlessly tackles crucial human rights issues, providing needed and intimate perspectives on our changing world. With this special offer, get any of these new release titles for 25% off! Applies to institutions only; public libraries, K-12 and community groups still receive any title for only $89.

"[A] dispatch from the social-justice front... symbolizes women's resistance to a developing world that hasn't caught up with developments in gender equality." Variety

"An incredible moving story of three women bloggers fighting to keep telling the truth." 

"[I]lluminates the absolute necessity of a country to shine the light on the truth about its own history." 
Geneva Human Rights Film Fest

"Zoubir masters this film by breaking the fourth wall and allowing us to delve into the intricacies of Khadija's life..." Indiewire

"Highly Recommended." 
Educational Media Reviews Online

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