April 2013
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"Heart-wrenching...precise, daunting and also allusive, this story recalls those bad old days when ignorance, silence and repression were the preferred social strategies."

Cynthia Fuchs, PopMatters



From 1945-73, 1.5 million unmarried young American women, facing enormous social pressures, surrendered babies to adoption. Lacking sex education and easy access to birth control, they were forced into hiding while pregnant and then into "abandoning" their infants. In her latest film, Ann Fessler, Professor of Photography at Rhode Island School of Design, reprises the subject of her award-winning THE GIRLS WHO WENT AWAY (National Book Critics Circle; Ballard Book Prize) whicMs. readers named an all-time best feminist book. 


Drawing on interviews with 100 women, Fessler lets them have their say and brings hidden history to light. We hear only their voices, which detail wrenching experiences against images from vintage newsreel and educational films reinforcing the stereotypes of women's roles following WWII. This gripping documentary will help today's students grasp what life was like before the sexual and feminist revolutions had fully dawned. 

A film by Ann Fessler

US, 2012, 48 minutes, Color
Institutional Price: $295.00
K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00

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i had  
"No one who sees this remarkable film will be able to turn away and ignore their experience." Michael Moore, Filmmaker & Activist

"***....An intriguing exploration of a perennial topic, this is recommended." Video Librarian

"Necessary viewing for an understanding of this period and a rousing example of ordinary people making history." Marlene Gerber Fried,
Hampshire College

"Proves that feminism is still available to anyone willing to look past the media's dismissals." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society

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