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Film to be highlighted as part of channel's Women's History Month programming





[New York, NY] - Women Make Movies (WMM) announces that the public television channel WORLD will broadcast NO JOB FOR A WOMAN: THE WOMEN WHO FOUGHT TO REPORT WORLD WAR II as part of its programming for Women's History Month. The film by Michčle Midori Fillion and narrated by Emmy® award winner Juliana Margulies, will premiere in primetime at 8 pm ET Wednesday, March 20 (repeating at 1 am ET/10 pm PT) as well as throughout the day, and on Sunday, March 24, 1 pm and 7 pm ET. (Check local listings.)
This award-winning documentary tells the colorful story of how three tenacious war correspondents forged their now legendary reputations during the war - when battlefields were considered no place for a woman.
When World War II broke out, reporter Martha Gellhorn was so determined to get to the frontlines that she left husband Ernest Hemingway, never to be reunited. Ruth Cowan's reporting was hampered by a bureau chief who refused to talk to her. Meanwhile, photojournalist Dickie Chappelle wanted to get so close to the action that she could feel the bullets whizzing by. The repeated efforts to push these women to the sidelines might have forced them to cover the "woman's angle," but the obstacles also allowed them to expand the focus of war coverage to a new kind of story: a personal look at the cost of war.

"We are thrilled that the story of these incredible women will be shown nationwide on WORLD," said Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director of WMM. "The recent Emmy® nominated HBO film "Hemingway and Gelhorn" sparked an interest in Martha Gelhorn's story. NO JOB FOR A WOMAN tells not only the real triumphs and tragedies of Gelhorn's life but also those of her fellow heroic women war correspondents."
Liz Cheng, General Manager for WORLD adds, "We are exceptionally proud to broadcast this film during Women's History Month on WORLD, so viewers can appreciate the challenges facing these pioneering women journalists."
To see a trailer for the film, click here
NO JOB FOR A WOMAN: THE WOMEN WHO FOUGHT TO REPORT WWII has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.   

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