January 2013
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About WMM:
This year marks the 40th anniversary of Women Make Movies. Since our beginnings in 1972, WMM has grown from a feminist filmmakers' collective into an industry-leading nonprofit media arts organization and distributor. For 40 years, WMM has transformed the landscape of filmmaking for women directors and producers, bringing the issues facing women around the world to screens everywhere. Now, with more than 550 films in our catalog, including Academy®, Emmy®, Peabody and Sundance nominees and award winners, WMM is the largest distributor of films by independent women directors in the world. In the last five years, dozens of WMM films have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and the Sundance Channel, among others. 

The past decade has seen a marked change in accessibility to media from the Arabic world. Broadcast channel Al Jazeera has been praised for its unbiased coverage and free exchange of information, while the Arab Spring changed the landscape of government rule and demonstrated how many in these countries view the current social restrictions on them as obsolete.  
Lebanese poet and writer Joumana Haddad has stirred controversy in the Middle East for having founded "Jasad" ("The Body"), an erotic quarterly Arabic-language magazine. "Jasad" is one of the first of its kind in the Arab world and has caused a big debate not only for its explicit images, articles and essays on sex in Arabic but that an Arab woman is behind it all. JASAD tackles the subject of sexuality in Lebanon, giving insight on the rare use of the Arabic language to discuss these taboo topics. Different views are also given by the head of a women's rights organization, a sexual health educator and a doctor who performs hymen reconstruction surgeries. 
A film by Amanda Homsi-Ottosson
UK/Lebanon, 2011, 40 minutes
Color, DVD, Subtitled (Arabic)
Institutional Price: $250.00
K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00

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Special Offer on films about "The Changing Face of Muslim Women." Get any of these titles at 50% off when you purchase JASAD & THE QUEEN OF CONTRADICTIONS at list price!

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Some of these titles include:

"Recommended for women's and religious studies." Educational Media Reviews Online
List Price: $295.00 | Sale Price: $147.50
"***1/2...eye-opening and highly recommended." 
Video Librarian

List Price: $295.00 | Sale Price: $147.50

"An important film...in America's message of change and the feminist movement gaining momentum in Muslim countries." The Feminist Review
List Price: $295.00 | Sale Price: $147.50

"Highly recommended...*** 1/2" Video Librarian
List Price: $250.00Sale Price: $125.00


"Compelling...provides a broader understanding of the multifaceted interpretations of Islam and of faith." Signs: Films for the Feminist Classroom


List Price: $195.00Sale Price: $97.50

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