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November 26, 2012 

HELP WMM WIN $1,000,000 - VOTE NOW!


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Women Make Movies has started the race to win $1,000,000 through the American Giving Awards. You may remember that last year - with your help - we won $25,000. We have been chosen as one of 25 finalists from a pool of 700 organizations for our "outstanding contribution to human rights and social services" in the Heroes & Leaders category and are the only film or women's organization selected. We have a 1 in 5 chance of winning a minimum of $125,000 and then a chance at the $1,000,000 grand prize. We only have one week - from November 27 to December 4 - to garner as many votes as possible,  

As you know, WMM is both a distributor and a nonprofit - we have helped hundreds of women filmmakers get their films completed through our Production Assistance Program as well as helping promote and sell over 550 films by and about women through our distribution program. As a nonprofit, we are able to both bring films by women filmmakers that tackle social justice issues to audiences and advocate for the next generation of female filmmakers to make their mark in the film world.


We need your help to carry on with our work. We used the first $25,000 to host 40 screenings in 40 cities around the world - now we want to reach 40,000,000 by using the best possible resources in social media and technology to create a global digital distribution platform. We can build a sustainable solution for storytelling, dialogue and possibilities to CREATE, EDUCATE, INSPIRE & EMPOWER. We believe more films by women equals positive social change for everyone.  


Voting is open now through December 4 and you can vote twice - please click here to vote through Facebook and then visit the Chase website. A vote for WMM will help ensure that we can continue to bring films that tackle hard-hitting issues that affect women worldwide to you and to audiences that may not have the opportunity to see films like these.


How to help Women Make Movies win $1,000,000:


VOTE NOW https://apps.facebook.com/americangivingawards/charity/view/id/4

and you can vote a SECOND time at www.chase.com/chasegiving. Please "like" the application and then cast your vote!


You can also help us by posting the announcement on social media or in your blog or newsletter. Some sample postings are below.


Facebook: Please VOTE for the award-winning, nonprofit @Women Make Movies to win 1 million dollars. https://apps.facebook.com/americangivingawards/charity/view/id/4.


Twitter: VOTE 4 @WomenMakeMovies to win $1MILLION & support positive social change #VOTEWMM #givingawards http://bit.ly/YkEreb @chasegiving 


From all of us at Women Make Movies and on behalf of our filmmakers and those future filmmakers to come, thank you for your ongoing support! 

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Women Make Movies. Since its beginnings in 1972, WMM has grown from a feminist filmmakers' collective into an industry-leading nonprofit media arts organization and distributor. For 40 years, WMM has transformed the landscape of filmmaking for women directors and producers, bringing the issues facing women around the world to screens everywhere. Now, with more than 550 films in our catalog, including Academy®, Emmy®, Peabody and Sundance nominees and award winners, WMM is the largest distributor of films by independent women directors in the world. In the last five years, dozens of WMM films have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and the Sundance Channel, among others. In addition, in the last year, our Production Assistance (PA) Program has helped hundreds of women filmmakers raise $2.1 million to fund their productions from concept to completion, resulting in numerous award-winning films. 

Women Make Movies. Now more than ever.
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