July 2016 
Delta SkyMiles Member-Only Pricing on CLEAR Expedited Security Now Available

The fastest way through security is now available to U.S.-based SkyMiles members, thanks to Delta's partnership with CLEAR. CLEAR is the leading U.S. biometric identity platform that utilizes fingerprint and iris identification technology to allow for the most predictable way through the document-check portion of airport security.

Because of your loyalty, SkyMiles now offers member-only rates off of the standard $179 annual membership to CLEAR's biometric service:
*Diamond Medallion® members: Complimentary
*Platinum, Gold and Silver Medallion members: $79 per year
*General SkyMiles Members: $99 per year

This year, Delta and CLEAR plan to expand airport security line access points to Delta's U.S. hub airports. More details about CLEAR's roll-out to Delta's U.S. hub airports will be announced soon.
Southwest offers miles deal to pay for TSA PreCheck

Long lines at TSA airport checkpoints appear to have eased somewhat, but TSA PreCheck - the program that allows known travelers who apply for pre-clearance to sail through an express line without removing things like belts and shoes - still can be a Godsend to weary and time-strapped travelers.

Now Southwest Airlines is taking away one excuse for not getting TSA Pre. Members in Southwest's Rapid Rewards program can cash in 9,000 mileage points to get a code that will pay the $85 application fee for the program. Alaska Airlines offered a similar deal for a limited time this spring, allowing members in its loyalty program to cash in 10,000 points to pay for the TSA Pre fee. Unlike Alaska, though, Southwest flies at Columbus' newly renamed John Glenn aiport; in fact, it's the airport's biggest carrier. 

Some premium credit cards also offer deals that will pay a member's application fee once every five years - the length of time for which a TSA Pre membership is valid before needing to re-apply. Applicants still need to make an appointment or go as a walk-in to a TSA Pre processing center to finish the application; there are two locations in the Columbus area. But after the initial time investment and paying the fee (or applying the miles), it can be well worth it for those who travel even a couple of times a year. 
Four U.S. airports to open automated security lanes this fall

Four major U.S. airports plan to speed up security checks by automating the distribution of bins for travelers' carry-on bags, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and American Airlines Group Inc said on Tuesday.

American's hubs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami will open the automated lanes this fall, which are expected to decrease wait times by 30 percent, the airline and TSA said in a joint statement.
Long security lines at U.S. airports this spring caused thousands of travelers to miss their flights and prompted criticism of TSA by airlines and other industry groups.

At the four airports, automated conveyer belts will move bins for carry-on luggage through X-ray machines and divert those with suspicious items to a separate area, preventing bottlenecks. After screening is complete, the belts automatically move the bins back to the start of each lane.  American and TSA also said they plan to add computed tomography, or CT, scans for carry-on bags at a checkpoint in Phoenix by year-end.

The technology, currently in use for checked luggage, could allow travelers to leave carry-on liquids and laptops stowed in their bags.  "Think of the time - and bins! - that saves," American's Chief Operating Officer Robert Isom said in a letter to employees on Tuesday, shared with Reuters, noting that the airline is spending nearly $5 million on the new lanes.

"Neither initiative is a slam dunk to solve TSA woes, but they are both huge steps in the right direction," he said.
American has said the TSA must add enough staff to handle checkpoints during peak travel times, without relying on airlines to contract extra airport staff. 
Blue Ribbon Business Travel has partnered with automated online expense reporting tools!

Simplify expense reporting for your business travelers.
It's never been easier for business travelers to complete and submit an expense report and quickly 
get reimbursed - all online. 

These expense tools create expense reports automatically, pulling travel and expenses from airline, car and hotel itineraries, personal and corporate credit card transactions, checking accounts, and scanned receipts.  Streamline the expense reporting process and improve the review and approval flow between departments.

They turn lengthy, tedious paper-based approval processes into one-click, online approvals. Managers can easily review and approve expense reports from anywhere, at any time - no paperwork involved. 

In fact, most expenses are pre-approved based on policy rules set in the system, and scanned receipts are included online making review and approvals faster and easier. Expense policy violations are clearly highlighted so managers can request corrections or simply remove questionable line-items and submit the expense report for reimbursement.  

The expense systems convert transactions for international travelers into the appropriate currency based on the date of travel.

To learn more, email us at info@blueribbontravel.com
Blue Ribbon Business Travel International Inc. is committed to providing you with useful information on the latest developments in the travel industry. The following information has been compiled from a variety of sources and is updated monthly.
Enterprise Holdings reveals significant Gulf expansion

Enterprise Holdings has announced the beginning of significant expansion of its brands in the Gulf Region.
The move includes the addition of 29 joint National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car branch offices throughout United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan - plus two Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in Saudi Arabia.

"The Gulf Region offers significant growth opportunities due to an influx of tourists and business travellers, and the local mobility needs of domestic customers," said Peter Smith, vice president of global franchising at Enterprise Holdings, which owns the National Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands.
Enterprise Holdings' offices in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have been fully integrated into the company's global reservation system for greater efficiency.

These locations represent the initial phase of implementation, with additional openings in these four countries, as well as expansion into other Gulf Region countries planned for later this year.
United Airlines

100% Wi-Fi on mainline aircraft 


Did you hear? United has Wi-Fi on 100% of our mainline aircraft. You can now connect, watch your favorite programming or work onboard over 800 planes in our fleet. 

United Express regional jets are also getting the Wi-Fi upgrades. Gogo's ATG-4 advanced air-to-ground Wi-Fi product is being installed on E170, E175 and CRJ700 aircraft, with over 95% of the regional jet fleet already Wi-Fi enabled. 

Installations of regional jets are planned to be complete by October 2016.
Have a question? Now you can Ask TSA on Facebook

With summer air travel well underway, TSA is working hard to make sure your travel experience is as secure and efficient as possible.Today, we're announcing that our customer service program, AskTSA, is expanding to Facebook Messenger to improve the customer service experience and to better assist you before, during, and after your flight. 

First, the basics: the AskTSA team consists of full-time employees, with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, security operations, training, surface transportation and customer service.  The AskTSA team is available 365 days a year to help solve traveler problems and answer questions.

TSA's goal is to ensure safe and secure travel for all. We are here to help your traveling experience.  Please direct your questions to @AskTSA on Twitter and 

Facebook.com/AskTSA. We're available to answer your questions, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Eastern Time, weekdays; 9 a.m.to 7 p.m., weekends/holidays. Safe travels!

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