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July 2013

New Product Available:
EMF Neutralizer

EMF's Cause Estrogen Alterations

Charles Graham, an experimental physiologist at the Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, Mo., says that magnetic fields can alter two hormones that affect cancer risk -- estrogen and testosterone. Overnight exposure of women to elevated levels of EMF's in the laboratory significantly increased estrogen. Studies have shown that high levels of estrogen over many years can increase a woman's risk of getting breast cancer. In men, the EMF exposure reduced levels of testosterone--a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers. [1] 



Short Term Health Problems:

Protect Yourself

  NEW! Whole House Neutralizer

The Aulterra whole house plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring. Also, it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Aulterra whole house plug works for most homes and offices buildings (up to 5,000 sq ft).

Cell Phone and Appliance Neutralizer
3 Pack - $30.00

The Neutralizer reduces the effects of harmful radiation from EMF.

Energy Pillow

Aulterra Energy Pillow™ Neutralizes the Effects of Toxins on Your Body.

[1] Serrano, Taraka. "Why You Need Personal EMF and Stress Protection at Work, Home and Play 24/7..." <>. Last accessed June 2008


-Linda Bamber, Clinical Thermographer 
Breast Research Awareness & Support 
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EMF Neutralizer
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BioMat Detoxification
Healing with the power of infrared heat, negative ions and amethyst crystals
*Improves sleep patterns 
*Reduces inflammation
*Eases joint pain and stiffness

*Provides warm, soothing pain relief

*Eliminates toxins in the body

*Increases blood circulation

*Alleviates migraines
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*Reduces allergy
* Burns calories and controls weight

1 Session - $30.00
4 Sessions - $100.00

Available for home use!
Contact your nearest BRAS location for more information!


Think Beyond Pink Radio
Pink ribbons for the cause are everywhere: pink marshmallows, pink hair dryers, pink cupcakes and pink cosmetics. How do we know when something is really helping, educating or protecting our breast health? Have we been pink-washed? Linda Bamber helps you sort it all out. Join her as she talks with survivors, educators and writers, so that you can Think Beyond Pink.

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