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June 2013
Kansas City area:
Get a free dry brush for summer!

Receive a dry brush with your thermogram during June or July!*

Dry brushing for 7-10 minutes before a bath or shower can be the equivalent of a five mile walk for the lymph nodes. When dry brushing, always move the brush toward your heart. Start with your feet and brush 4-5 upward strokes on each body part ending under the bust-line. Then raise arm, and brush hand and arm using downward strokes. Brush back areas that can be easily reached.




For more information or to schedule your thermogram please contact Ashley at: | 913-396-2774

 *With coupon only. Please see coupon & restrictions below.

~BRAS Spotlight~
Since my baseline thermogram, I've been oil pulling with olive oil, dry brushing and massaging my breasts several times a week. At my 3-month follow up [thermogram], my lymphs had cleared up and my thyroid has vastly improved, with body temperatures increasing from 96 to 97.9 over 3 months.

-Sonia M.

-Linda Bamber, Clinical Thermographer 
Breast Research Awareness & Support 
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Think Beyond Pink Radio
Pink ribbons for the cause are everywhere: pink marshmallows, pink hair dryers, pink cupcakes and pink cosmetics. How do we know when something is really helping, educating or protecting our breast health? Have we been pink-washed? Linda Bamber helps you sort it all out. Join her as she talks with survivors, educators and writers, so that you can Think Beyond Pink.

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Free Dry Brush
Kansas City location only: During the months of June and July: you will receive a free dry brush with your thermogram. This is not valid with other offers or discounts. Coupon is only valid with a regular priced thermogram. Please print off and bring with you to your appointment. Limit of one dry brush per person. Feel free to forward this offer to friends and family.
Offer Expires: July 31st, 2013