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Volume 11, Number 2

February, 2016
Hard to believe that spring will be here in Brampton in three weeks. This is the first year we have not gone south for two weeks and we don't miss it a bit. We love our perfect home.
What an amazing winter we have had so far. Only had our driveway shoveled twice, the temperature has been above normal and our heating costs are down.   
During the winter months I keep busy with the administration and planning for K2E Canada Inc. I am also on two boards of directors and on a planning task force for an alumni association. It certainly keeps me out of Nancy's hair.
As usual, I would welcome your comments at alan@k2e.ca.
 Alan Salmon

Excel Tips

ExcelTopUsing Text to Columns to Convert Text to Dates
Summary: Working with dates requires those dates to be in an Excel Date format. Here is how to convert a text date to one of the many Excel date formats:   
  • Select the range of text dates.
  • Click the Data tab.
  • Select Data Tools | Text to Columns and a wizard dialog box will open.
  • In the wizard dialog box, click Next twice to go to Step 3 of the Wizard.
  • Use the default settings in the first two steps of the wizard.
  • In Step 3 of the wizard, select the Date option and select your desired format.
  • Click Finish and the text dates will convert to dates that can be formatted and used in calculations.

Excel3Changing Your Name   
Summary: When you first install Excel, it asks you for your name so it can personalize the registration for your program. It also writes your name in the User Area. If you need to change your name, here is how to do this:
  1. Display the Excel Options dialog box.
(In Excel 2007 click on the Office Button and then click Excel Options. In Excel 2010 and 2013 click on the File tab of the ribbon and then click on Options)
  1. Make sure the Popular Option (Excel 2007) or General Option (Excel 2010 and Excel 2013) is selected at the left of the dialog box.
  2. Change the information in the User Name box.
  3. Click on OK.
This change will only affect new workbooks. In a new workbook the name you changed will end up in the workbook property. It will not affect the Author property for any existing workbook.


Word Tip


WordTip2Quickly Creating a Numbered or Bulleted List
Summary: We often use numbered and/or bulleted lists in a Word document. You can add them from the ribbon, but here's a neat shortcut to add them from the keyboard.  
To create a numbered list type a number with a period and then a space at the beginning of the sentence. After you enter your text for the first number press Enter and Word will move down a row and enter the next number.
To create a bulleted list type "*" and then a space at the beginning of the sentence. After you enter your text for the first bullet press Enter and Word will move down a row and enter the next number.
 It's that easy.


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