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Volume 11, Number 1  

January, 2016

We are almost at the half way point with winter and it has been great so far here in Brampton. Only one real snow storm and not a lot of really cold weather.


Nancy and I spent Christmas with both of our families. The group is too large to host at one time, so we had four different Christmases.


It's hard to believe but this month's Office Tips starts my 11th year of providing you with this newsletter and it goes out to over 10,000 Canadian accountants and bookkeepers. For those of you who like to count that is 117 issues. I missed three when I was in the hospital for three months in early 2013.


During the winter months I am focused on managing the operations for K2E Canada.

As usual, I would welcome your comments at
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Alan Salmon

Excel Tips

ExcelTopUnhiding Column A
Summary: It is easy to Hide and Unhide columns in Excel. The exception is when you hide Column A. If you later want to unhide Column A, the solution is challenging. Here is the solution: 
  1. Press the F5 function key.
  2. Excel displays the Go To dialog box.
  3. In the Reference field at the bottom of the dialog box, enter A1.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Cell A1 is now selected, even though it is not visible on the screen.
  6. Select the Home tab on the ribbon.
  7. Click on the Format tool in the Cells group.
  8. Select Hide & Unhide.
  9. Select Unhide Columns.
Column A will now be visible.  



Word Tip


WordTip2Selecting a Group of Words
Summary: Many times when you are working with a Word document, you need to select a group of words. Here is a fast way to do this: 
  1. Position the insertion pointer inside the word at one end of the group you want selected.
  2. Click on the word at the other end of the group, while you are holding down the Shift key.
The group of words is now selected.


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