February 29, 2016
Star Trek Parody Opera Cast 
Abduction from the Seraglio 
Brian Cheney
Captain James T. Belmonte
Shawnette Sulker
Lieutenant Constanza
Kevin Thompson 
Robert Norman 
Mr. Pedrillo 
Sara Duchovnay
Josh Shaw
   Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio is a tale of two men rescuing their kidnapped girlfriends from a Turkish harem. Our production moves from Turkey to outer space and becomes a parody of an episode of "Star Trek," replete with a crew from the Enterprise, marauding Klingons, slave girls and plenty of over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek humor. 
Sung in English with a new translation by Josh Shaw, this production celebrates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek -- and the 25th anniversary of Festival Opera, both in 2016. 
   The original story of the opera revolves around an attempt by the hero Belmonte (now called Captain James T. Belmonte, sung by tenor Brian Cheney) and his servant (first officer) Mr. Pedrillo (Robert Norman as the Spock-inspired character) to rescue his girlfriend. The girlfriend, Lieutenant Constanza (portrayed by soprano Shawnette Sulker),
along with her servant Blondie (Sara Duchovnay), has been kidnapped by Selim (what was an Ottoman empire governor has been transformed into a Klingon warlord, sung by bass Kevin Thompson).
   Maestro Michael Morgan will conduct the Bay Area debut of this opera/TV show mash-up. The concept, libretto and direction is by Josh Shaw, who is the artistic director of Pacific Opera Project where the production was presented in March 2015 after its 2014 debut at the Southern Illinois Music Festival.
   More information about Festival Opera's production, slated for early August 2016, will be coming soon.  
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Bernice Greene Joins Board
Welcome to Our New Director!
   Bernice Greene is a California native who grew up in Walnut Creek and fell in love with opera while attending UC Berkeley in the 1960's.  She has supported Festival Opera as a Sostenuto member since the 1990's, as well as SF Opera, the Met and Santa Fe opera. 
   Bernice currently serves as a board member of Cal Performances and is a founding board member of Project Hearth for the Homeless.  She is also a working woman, and is President of Stillman Pacific, Inc. and Managing Member of Zuckerman Construction.
   Bernice lives in Orinda, and is the the proud grandmother of five grandchildren, three of whom live a mile from her home. 
Save The Date for Chorus Reunion 
and Opera Sing-a-Long: April 17

Festival Opera Chorus in Verdi's "Otello" 2013 

Have you ever
 Festival Opera Chorus in
Carlyle Floyd's "Susannah" 2002
sung in the Festival Opera chorus? If so, you are invited to come to a Chorus Reunion on April 17. Friends and family are also invited to come to listen and to join in the sing-a-long.

More information on location and other details coming soon! 


April 2016
(date and venue TBA)

April 17
3:00 pm 
(Location TBA)
Starship Mozart Benefit Dinner Party

Chorus Reunion
& Opera Sing-a-Long
August 2016
August 5, 6, 8 and 9 
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Abduction from the Seraglio
October 2016
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Workshop performance of composer Wang Jie's new chamber operas
December 2016
Round Hill Country Club, Alamo
2016 Holiday Gala