Your customers are looking for you online...can they find you?
Michael Bennitt
February 2013
Volume 3, Issue 2
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Michael Bennitt

Is E-mail Killing Your Business?
Remember back when getting an email was exciting? When you could count on one hand how many messages would land in your inbox in a single day? If you check your spam filter and inbox right now, how many unread messages do you have? Probably thousands!

Staying on top of your business email is a major time-sucking task that is never done. Sure there are filters, but you don't want to set them to guard your inbox too stringently and risk missing something important. But if you set them too leniently, you'll still end up with mountains of emails you could never hope to handle.

If you use Gmail, there's a feature you can activate to prioritize your emails based on your history of engagement with the sender. Your mail gets categorized by how important Google believes it is: Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else. It's all still in your email inbox, but the most important messages rise to the top of the list. The system learns as you correct it. Something marked Important that isn't, or vice versa? Next time Gmail will do better in anticipating your preferences. The service, of course, is free.

There are a number of paid services you can use, as well. If you prefer to clean out your inbox entirely, you might want to consider SaneBox, for a fee of $5 per month. It will work for nearly any email client out there, except for Hotmail. This service removes messages that it perceives as being less important, and moves them to a separate folder you can go through at your leisure. If the service goofs in making that determination, simply move the message back to your inbox, and it will not make that mistake again. You'll also get a custom dashboard to collect data on your email quantities, a function to sort and keep newsletters to read later, a tickler ability to remind you to reply to a message in a certain time-frame, and the ability to filter messages from certain senders right into the trash file.

If you can tame the email monster, you'll find lots more time and energy to run your business. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to waste a single minute on a task you don't have to do!
I'm Social Now
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March events and holidays for your marketing calendar:
1 National Pig Day
3 I Want You to Be Happy Day
6 National Frozen Foods Day
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14 National Potato Chip Day
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What specials, deals, and packages can you create with these events in mind?

What Sort of Links Should Go in Your Social Media Posts?    

The whole point of social media marketing is getting your prospects and customers to engage with you, to feel like they know you and enjoy interacting with you. It's easy to fall into a rut with what you post on your business page. Here are a few ideas to liven things up a bit:
  •  Share links to your blog posts
  •  Post photos and infographics
  •  Ask questions and run polls
  •  'Like' other businesses that would benefit your customers
  •  Do "caption this photo" posts
Don't be afraid to show some personality in your social media presence... just don't go too far.

Need help with this? Just ask us!
Ready to Roll Tape, Except You're Stuck?
By now you probably understand the importance of using video to market your business. You know it's good for helping your website gain favor with the search engines (especially Google, since it owns YouTube), it engages your website visitors and helps them know, like, and trust you, it could go viral, and it gives you an upper hand over your competitors who don't use video.

So, you decide to go for it! You know you'll need scripts, images, a call to action, and some way to record your video. Sure, it's a lot of work, but you know it'll be worth the effort. You sit down to write your first video script and realize: You have NO idea what to make a video about!

It's puzzling. After all, who knows your business better than you? There's so much to say, yet you can't come up with a single word. You're stuck, and the longer you sit there looking at a blank screen, the more you feel your enthusiasm draining out. How can this possibly be so hard? All you need is a nudge, an idea, a little direction, an angle to take.

Understandable. It's very hard to create without a basic blueprint to follow. So, here are five ideas for videos you could create for your business:
  1. The Case Study Video - In this video, you show your stuff. Tell the story of your product or service's effectiveness from the perspective of a customer. What did they need? What did they try before? Why did they choose you? What did you do for them? What they tell someone else who was considering doing business with you?
  2. The Tips Video - Give a professional's advice on how to get the most from your product or service. What works well? What mistakes should a customer avoid? What else should a user consider adding onto your product or service? Aim for a numbered list of tips, and your viewers will most definitely find one or more that is truly helpful to them.
  3. The Meet the Team Video - Give viewers a backstage pass to your business. Introduce everyone on your team and highlight what they do that benefits your customers. Show areas and events of your business the public doesn't usually get to see (a break room, a social gathering, the parking lot, etc.). If you get some funny outtakes, use them, too!
  4. The Video News Desk - In this kind of video, discuss current events in your business or industry. You'll position yourself as an expert just by voicing an opinion or sharing information your prospects may not otherwise know about. By aggregating the most important news for your viewers, you'll build a strong connection with them.   
  5. The Mailbag Video - Chances are you get questions about your product or service. Why not answer them in a video? State the question, then answer it. Couldn't be easier.    

Remember, the goal is to help your prospects come to know, like, and trust you. Don't forget to include a call to action at the end of each video. Ask your viewers to subscribe, request a free report, schedule a consultation, or call for more information. If we can help you plan and implement a series of marketing videos, just let us know. 

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