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It's Your Last Opportunity
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Ulster Irish Seminar
Saturday, 16 Mar 2013
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
SCGS Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA
We are fortunate to welcome Ulster Irish experts to SCGS for a full-day seminar on Saturday, March 16. Conducting the seminar are Fintan Mullan, Executive Director of the Ulster Historical Foundation and Dr. Brian Trainer, retired Research Director with the Ulster Historical Foundation.

Introduction to Irish and Scots-Irish Family History Research

The Ulster Plantation: Sources for 17th Century Families

Researching the Farming Community in 18th and 19th Century

Sources Available for Research by County

Registration $30 for SCGS members, $35 for nonmembers. Sandwich box lunches are available for $10.

Register for the Ulster Irish Seminar online

SCGS Library Catalog Searchable Online


The Southern California Genealogical Society is pleased to announce the launch of its online library catalog.

The Society's library holds items from all fifty states and several countries, including Germany, Canada (French Canada), England, and Ireland. Although the Library's collection does not circulate, the SCGS professional research team will be happy to do lookups.   

Try searching the new catalog today!  You'll find it on the SCGS Website.

Read the complete announcement here.

Grow What You Know
Beginning Genealogy Class 
Have you resolved to dig in and explore your family's history?  We have just the solution. Join our Beginning Genealogy class on Saturday, January 5, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. $10 for nonmembers, no charge for members. Held at 417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA.
Register by phone at 818-843-7247 or 

LuncLunch and Learnh 'n' Learn

Check out the list of classes that are held the second Saturday of each month. Our  Lunch 'n' Learn sessions are open and free to the public at no charge; however, donations will be gladly accepted. The library will not be open for research.



The Southern California Genealogical Society is 100 percent managed by a dedicated volunteer staff. We are always on the lookout for more hands to help with planning, organizing, working as a librarian...a thousand big and little jobs that must be done to keep the library doors open and serving the community of family historians. Please contact Linda Golovko by email at or (818) 790-0274 to volunteer.   


We Need You! 


SCGS and the
Family Research Library
SCGS Library
Southern California Genealogical Society
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, CA  91504-2408
818.843.7247 phone
818.843.7262 fax
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Hours of Operation:
10:00am - 4:00pm Wednesdays, Thursdays 10:00am - 2:00pm Fridays
10:00am - 9:00pm Tuesdays
10:00am - 4:00pm 3rd and 4th Saturdays
10:00am - 4:00pm 1st and 2nd Sundays
Closed Mondays

Library open to the public; donations gratefully accepted.


Extension Series Logo  


Have you taken advantage of the popular SCGS Jamboree webinar series? Family historians from around the globe log in to our bi-monthly programs. The initial live webcast is open to the public at no charge. SCGS members are able to watch webinars at their convenience, day or night. It's one of the most valuable benefits of SCGS membership.  


The webinar archive has been updated and now houses dozens of hour-long presentations. Included in the list are the 2013 sessions (identified in italics) that will be added to the archive throughout the year.   


Where else can you get access to over 50 hours of genealogy education, provided by the leading genealogy speakers available today -- for a $35 one-year membership. It's one of the best deals in genealogy today. 



Webinar Overview 

2013 webinars - links to register 

2012 and earlier webinars - for SCGS members 

SCGS membership  


 Lisa Alzo 

--Immigrant Cluster Communities Past, Present,and Future

--Tracing your Immigrant Ancestors   

--Family History Writing Made Easier: Cloud-based Tools Every Genealogist Can Use  


Kerry Bartels  (all NARA webinars free to the public)  

--Neither Filmed or Scanned: NARA Treasurers Await    

--National Archives Website Microfilm Catalog, Archival Databases and Guides (future addition to the archive)

--The Many Facets of the National Archives Website (future addition to the archive) 

--Military Records at the National Archives (future addition to the archive) 


Eric Basir

Warren Bittner (future additions to archive)
--Complex Evidence: What Is It? How Does It Work? Why Does It Matter?
--"Beat the Children with a Fresh Birch Stick so the Animals Don't Get Worms" 

Michael Booth   
 --Genealogy on the Go

 Jana Broglin, CG
--The Key to the Courthouse 


Michael Brophy

--Irish-American Catholic Genealogy 

--Erin in the USA: Irish Research on This Side of the Atlantic

Lisa Louise Cooke 

--Get the Scoop On Your Ancestors from Old Newspapers  

--Turn iGoogle Into Your Homepage    

--Projects that Will Captivate the Non-Genealogists in Your Life (future addition to the archive)  

--Google Search Strategies for Genealogists (future addition to archive) 

--Time Travel with Google Earth 


Roy Chan 

--Immigrant Voices - Angel Island Immigration


Ricky Crume 

--Genealogy Hacks - Tricks to Crack the Top Genealogy Web Sites


Schelly Talalay Dardashti  

--Jewish Genealogy 101

Valerie Brown Elkins

J. H. Fonkert

Linda Woodward Geiger, CG  

--Hark! That Tombstone is Talking to Me! 

--Me and My Laptop: Getting the Most out of your Laptop while Researching Onsite    

--Documentation: Never Having to Ask, 'Where Did That Come From?'  


Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG
--Yes, You Can!-Do Genealogy in Spite of a Learning Disability

--The Two Sides of Interviewing

--Getting Family History Information through the Back Door   


Janet Hovorka

--Getting Your Notes and Sources Right  

--Grandma's Flak Jacket
--Playground Rules for Genealogy on the Internet   

--Trip the Tree Fantastic: Intriguing Family History Trips for the Whole Family


Daniel Horowitz

--Sharing and Preserving Memories in a Digital Era    


Tonia Kendrick
--Transform Your Note-Taking and Remember Everything with Evernote  


Taneya Koonce
--Genealogy News at Your Fingertips: From RSS Feeds to Digital Magazine Platforms


David Lambert

Researching Your Union Civil War Ancestors (future addition to archive) 


Nancy Lauer
--Path to Organizational Bliss  


Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
--Homespun and Calico - Researching our Foremothers


Denise Levenick
--Break Down Brick Walls with Home Sources


Steve Luxemberg

--Genealogy from the Inside Out - Tracing the Mysterious from a Single Clue (future addition to the archive)


Thomas MacEntee
--Building A Research Toolbox    


Kory Meyerink, AG, FUGA

But it Ain't Really the ORIGINAL Record! (future addition to the archive) 


Leland Meitzler
--Mobile Capturing of Your Ancestor's Documents and Pictures 


Debbie Mieszala, CG
--Options in Post-Adoption Research


George G. Morgan 

--How to Get the Most out of a Genealogy Conference (free to the public) 

--Tell Me about When You Were A Child 

--The Genealogist as CSI  

--Sidestep Genealogy


Michael John Neil
--Seeing the Patterns: Organizing Your Information   


Gena Philibert-Ortega
--Remembering the Ladies-Researching Your Female Ancestors

--Women's Work   

--Women in WWII  


Marian Pierre-Louis
--Cemetery Research for Your New England Ancestors
--Looking After the Poor--Finding Your Ancestors in New England Poverty Records  


Ugo Perego 

--Native American Ancestry: A DNA Standpoint     


Tim Pinnick
--Tips, Strategies, & Resources for the African American Researcher


Chris Pomery
--The Effect of the Founders: Why It's Useful to DNA Test People Living Outside the USA     


Laura Prescott

Diaries and Journals: Finding and Using these Valuable Resources (future addition to the archive)


Mary Roddy
--Mark Golden: A Case Study in World War II Research

Jane Neff Rollins
--Is There a Baby Catcher in your Bloodline?  


Drew Smith
--Effective Online Queries  


Denise Spurlock  

--Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker      


D. Joshua Taylor
--Thanksgiving Special: Online Resources for Colonial America     

--Printed Legends and Missing Footnotes: Dissecting Compiled Genealogies (future addition to the archive) 


Maureen Taylor
--Photo Treasures Discovered at Jamboree-A Closer Look    

Curt A. Witcher, MA, FUGA, IGSF
--Historical Research Methodology: Engaging the Process to Find All the Answers (future addition to the archive)
--Fingerprinting our Families: Using Ancestral Origins as a Research Key (future addition to the archive)


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