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September 2013
NEW DIRECT DIAL COUNCIL PHONE NUMBERS Staff phone numbers have changed and can now be dialed directly without going through an operator or automated phone tree.
eBIZ UPGRADE GSUSA upgraded the eBiz online registration website to a new family-based registration system. The new eBiz features upgrades based on volunteer input plus extensive usability testing, and should vastly improve the online Girl Scout business experience.
All user names and passwords must be reset as part of the upgrade.  Most users can follow the easy online directions to reset.  eBiz Help Desk hours have been extended for those who need assistance.



I CAN'I can't waitT WAIT TO... is a nationwide recruitment campaign that has just begun.  The target audience is Kindergarten through fifth grade girls, and the adults to lead those troops.  Councils across the country are being challenged to register as many Girl Scouts as possible by October 31, 2013.  If GSCCC wins the challenge, the top five Service Units with the highest percentage of girls registered will win $500. Don't dawdle. Make sure ALL troop girls register right away.


In Girl Scouts, every girl can be so excited about her future that she can hardly wait because she knows she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.  Every girl deserves the opportunity to say: "I can't wait to..." (English) (Spanish)


The feeling starts with one day, one meeting, or one role model that shows her she can accomplish more than she ever imagined. That role model is the Volunteer. Girl Scout Volunteers introduce girls to new experiences that make every day feel like the best day ever. Because Girl Scouts wants girls to try everything they've ever dreamed of, they have a say in what they'll do next. The role of the Volunteer is to be their cheerleader, guide, and mentor -- helping them develop skills and confidence that will last long after the meeting is over. Every adult deserves the opportunity to be that role model. Contact Camille or go to


FEDEX COPYING DISCOUNTS FOR TROOPS Girl Scouts are eligible to receive discounts for printing and copying through an extension of the Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast membership in CA Non-Profits.

Accessing the FedEx Discount
To place an order online (Black & white copies $.04 (a 60% savings), color copies $.39 (a 34% savings), and a 15% savings on other production services visit: (Doesn't include shipping.) (click 'send an order')
username: canonprofits
Password: canonprofits!

 In store account/promo code: 0290662796



Daisy Chain is growing!  Fall is here and school is starting along with new Daisy troops.  New Daisy leaders will receive a starter packet with easy instructions for the first four meetings. Ask Membership Managers or Service Unit Manager about the starter kit.  When the packet is completed, new Daisy Troops will receive the Journey book of their choice.

BROWNIE CIRCLE Starter Packets coming soon. Daisys are also growing up, so coming in October look for the NEW Brownie Circle starter packet -- just what new Brownie troops need to join the mix of Girl Scouts. Also, check-out Quick Start on the GSUSA website for more ideas for new Daisy, Brownie and Junior troops.

LEADERAMAS ARE COMING SOON! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Leaderama dates which will take place in October and November. GSCCC is partnering with Volunteers from all over the council to ensure that there is a Leaderama location close enough for everyone to attend! Take advantage of this opportunity to develop and expand your volunteer toolkit. Whether a new or experienced leader, there will be courses that will help make leading troops more fun and successful. Breakout sessions vary from exploring Journeys to learning crafts and Girl Scout traditions. Come network with peers in the Girl Scout community, share best practices, and checkout new Girl Scout resources and trainings. This event is open to all registered Girl Scout troop leaders and co-leaders!

MY PROMISE, MY FAITH Girls can participate every year and earn a pin. More information is in The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting or online. The curriculum can be used as a starter for church groups to work on religious awards or as a series for troops. Contact Camille: 


NEW VIDEOS YOU CAN WATCH AND SHARE When volunteering with girls, it's not just what you do, but how you do it. Watch this video, offered in English and Spanishto learn more about how the Three Processes create a fun and meaningful experience for girls.




Working with Daisies, Brownies and Juniors and guiding them to lead just got easier. New Volunteer Resource Guides feature a variety of activities and goals to encourage girls to seize opportunities and get the most and the very best out of Girl Scout life. 


Volunteer Resource Guides




Whether you go surfing at the beach, ride your bike, play soccer or softball on a team, hike and swim with your friends at camp - think about why you like to get up and get active. Does it give you more energy? Make you feel better?

Then, make a PSA that tells others why they should join you and get active too. Could we create a healthier, happier world if more people got up and made exercise a part of their every day routine? Here are ideas for how to tie Journeys into the Girl Scouts Speak Out! theme.

Girl Scouts Speak Out! voting will close September 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. 




2013-14 Program will be available October 1 right on time for fall planning. Stay tuned for fun new program opportunities this fall including:

  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Overnight - Santa Cruz
  • Juliette Low's Birthday Roller Skating Event - Marina
  • Paddleboard and Wildlife Tour - Ventura
  • Survival Girl Event - Camp Arnaz

Program information available at:



PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Interested in joining a regional program team? Please send your interest to



Girl Scout Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can earn a "Make Your Own" badge once a year (September to September). Girls choose an idea or topic, write the five steps (requirements) for learning skills, and

complete the steps.



NEW FOREVER GREEN 2013 ACTIVITY GUIDE AND FREE PATCH PROGRAM! Join Girl Scouts across the council in making the world a better place! Activities focus on saving energy, conserving water and reducing plastics in the environment. It's easy to participate individually, as a troop, or with a 2013 Forever Green Patch group. Download the Forever Green Activity Guide, complete three or more activities, register the activity with GSUSA and complete the patch order form online. Share them!  Contact Pattie:





See a complete list of program offerings:

  • Coastal Clean up Day (council-wide) 9/21/13
  • UW Day of Caring - Volunteer Day at Arnaz 9/28/13


DO-IT-YOURSELF PROGRAM KITS are currently available for troops to check out from the Castroville Office and Arnaz Program Center. More locations are coming this fall.  Email and mention DIY kits in the subject line for more information.




JOIN THE UNITED WAY DAY OF CARING TO SHOW ARNAZ SOME LOVE - September 28, 2013 - Troops and individuals can provide community service. Adult volunteers with the following specialized skills or tools/equipment, are needed: United Way

  • Fire Ring Clearing
  • Painting
  • Picnic Benches
  • Gardening
  • Trail Clearing
  • Organizing
  • Brush Clearing
  • Minor Plumbing

Contact: United Way Day of Caring, Arnaz United Way Day of Caring Flyer



Plan the next tent, yurt or cabin camping trip today!  Make reservations:  

 Per Evening Rates:

  •   Rome Cabin - $65.00
  •   Pipin Cabin - $50.00
  •   Yurts - $35.00
  •   Camp Sites - $20-$35



NUTSGSCCC will partner with Trophy Nut and M2 Media for the 2013 Fall Product Sale. This company's E-Nuts+ system allows friends and family to order product online and have it shipped to their home. M2 Media's amazing online system will allow girls to set up a personalized storefront and email friends and family to visit and help support their troop through magazine purchases. Fall Product Sale begins 9/27.

COOKIESGSCCC will partner with ABC Bakers for the 2013-2014 Cookie Sale Program. The council will be participating in a Gluten-Free Pilot program during the 2013-2014 Cookie Sale. This pilot has been developed in response to councils, volunteers, girls and consumers who have asked for a gluten-free Girl Scout cookie. This new cookie allows celiac disease sufferers and those avoiding gluten to support the efforts of Girl Scouts as they enjoy a product created just for them.

Questions? Contact Desiree:           



Saturday Shop Hours for September 7: 11 am -3 pm

Girl's Guide to Scouting and Journey Leader Sets are 25% off retail price now through October 31, 2013! Regularly priced at $22.50 and $15.00, Girls Guides are now $16.88 each and Journey Leader Sets are $10.00 each. Available at both shop locations and on website.

Saturday Mobile Shop at Santa Maria Towne Center Mall, September 15, 11:00am-5:00pm. Designed to offer GSCCC central region a shopping opportunity, this mobile shop will have bridging and beginning troop needs, along with some fun miscellaneous must haves. Interested in volunteering at the event? Contact Rebecca

Coming Soon: Navy Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast Troop Volunteer shirts are being designed and will be available for pre-order in late September!

Council Shops will be closed for inventory:

  • Ventura shop will be closed Friday, September 20, all day.
  • Castroville shop will be closed Friday, September 27, all day.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


No time to visit council shops? Everything can be found on the council's new online shop here. Look for GSCCC council's own items to be available through the website soon.