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February 2013



Only You Can Recognize Your Fellow Volunteer with a GSUSA AWARD! Nominations due February 20.Adult Honor Pin Volunteer of Excellence, Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, Thanks Badge and Thanks Badge II are awards that require Council Recognitions Committee and Board of Director approval. Submit your nominations today using the Adult Award Guide  Completed nomination packets are due to council on or before 2/20/13. Contact: 


New Leader Webinar Coming Thursday, February 21, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Are you a brand new leader and not sure what to do with your girls? Or, are you an existing leader who just wants to learn more about Journeys and Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting?  Join the very first GSCCC webinar training: National Program Portfolio Nuts and Bolts! From the comfort of your own home, you will learn about the Journey and Girl's Guide books and how you and your troop can use them to have a fun and meaningful Girl Scout experience. Register.  Contact Hayley:


How Long will our Daisy Chain Become? What if we had a Daisy Troop in every elementary school in our council? Two thousand additional girls throughout the six counties would be experiencing the life-changing program that helps them become girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Let's commit to making that impact on our communities. 


Letters have been sent to principals of schools without Daisy troops asking for support. We are getting positive results and feedback. This month, Service Units will receive Daisy Leader "Seed" Packets, to give to their new Daisy Leaders. When the troop has completed the packet, which includes Jump into Journeys, they will be given an Adult Journey book set as a reward so that they are ready to start their first Daisy Journey. Contact Camille:



Get a Taste of the GSLE Wondering what GSLE Tasters are and how to use them?  Come to your Service Unit Meeting and experience the "Taster of the Month."    


CANCELLED: Volunteer Recognition and Gold Award Celebration

previously scheduled for May 18 at Cal Poly.  See RECOGNITION CELEBRATION KIT below for the alternative.


Recognition Celebration Kit is a new way to celebrate outstanding achievement! Created by the Volunteer Recognitions committee and staff, it will include the tools your Service Unit needs to hold a Volunteer Recognition/Gold Award Girl Celebration.  The kit will include a sample invitation, sample ceremony, award template, press release template, Proclamation from the Board, budget worksheet and a recognition event best practices sheet which will include ideas from you.  Some council financial support will also be available for items such as ribbon for your awards, room rental, refreshments, cake, balloons. Kits will be available to SUM's in April. Questions, or to share your SU's best practices...Contact:  


Family Giving Campaign - It takes more than cookies to change the world... It takes dedicated volunteers! Please help us support volunteer learning and development opportunities so that we can serve more girls in more ways!


2013 World Thinking Day Earned Award The World Thinking Day award activities are designed to complement the Girl Scout leadership journeys and reinforce the Girl Scout Leadership Experience at every level. Complete one activity to earn this award. Click here for more information.   




Program Tip of the Month: Have you tried a talking stick? A talking stick is a good way to encourage participation from all, and allow a girl-led meeting style. In many Native American tribes, people used a "talking stick" to make sure that each person had a turn to share his or her ideas and opinions with the rest of the group. The person holding the stick had the right to speak. Everyone else was expected to listen with respect. When a person finished talking, he or she passed the stick to someone else. Have girls sit in a circle and give the stick to a girl who is comfortable speaking to a group and ask her to share something with the troop. You might suggest a topic, or let girls choose their own. When the first girl finishes sharing, she passes the stick to the girl on the right. Tell girls that anyone who doesn't want to speak can simply pass the stick to the next person. Girls should continue passing the stick until each person has had a chance to speak. Pass the stick more than once so some of the more shy girls have a second chance to share their thoughts, but don't insist that a girl talk if she doesn't want to. You can use this activity in a variety of situations, including conflicts between two girls who have trouble listening to each other's point of view. 



Cookie University! Thank you to everyone who attended our 1st annual Cookie University! The 900 girls who attended had a blast learning about The 5 Skills the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps them develop. We look forward to making next year's Cookie U, bigger and better.


Important Cookie Sale Dates


  • 1/29 - 2/15/2013  Girls should continue to take orders which can be filled from Cookie Cupboards when they open.
  • 2/15 - 2/19/2013  Troops pick up initial cookie order (learn exact delivery location, date and time from your Service Unit Cookie Chair)
  • 2/22/2013  Booth Sales and Cookie Cupboards open
  • 3/6/2013 Initial payment is due; 25% of balance due to council in eBudde will be withdrawn via EFT.
  • 3/17/2013  Cookie Sale ends
  • 3/27/2013  Final payment is due; the balance due in eBudde will be withdrawn via EFT. All troops must have the girls final rewards order submitted.




Brownilympics is a day of sports and fun for Brownie Girl Scouts, second-third grade. Girls earn their Athlete Legacy badge and build self- esteem through a day of fun activities. Dads and other significant adult males run the event from start to finish. Brownilympics is a family and community event. PA's and volunteers are needed at the events. Contact:



Kaleidoscope 2013 Registration is open - Yeehaw! Registration by troop only. For more information, visit:


Global Travel Toolkit  Get all the information to help girls plan for an international trip. Following a Travel Pathway and helping girls plan for a big trip is an effective way to keep older girls involved in Girl Scouts. Planning takes at least a year or more and can be a great learning and project management experience for older girls. Senior Troop 60133 has traveled to WAGGGS World Centers, (Pax Lodge in London, Our Cabana in Mexico, Our Chalet in Switzerland) and will travel to  Sangam in India in 2014! Leader Tammy Coburn is willing to give advice to any troops considering international travel. Contact 





Join AGenCY - Arnaz Girl Scout WildlifE, Conservation and PhenologY Team.  Be part of an educational series guided by local experts on topics such as rain garden basics, landscaping project planning, native plants and animal identification. Planting is starting now.  Project meetings will begin in February and the completed project will be presented as part of Forever green day in April.

Arnaz Calendar/Upcoming Events

Book your reservation for camping soon. The calendar is filling up quickly.  If you have questions or want help planning your outing, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • February: PA Specialization; Designs on Chocolate
  • March:  ARNAZ - TLC Days 
  • April:  ForeverGreen - AGENCY - Arnaz Girl Scout WildlifE Conservation and PhenologY



Saturday Shop Hours for February 2, 2013 are 11am-3pm.  

  • As a reminder, 2012 earned Cookie Credits expire March 31, 2013. 
  • NEW COOKIE ITEMS including Cookie Dad, Cookie Mom, 95th Anniversary Cookie Sale and National Cookie Day patches are now available at both shop locations!
  • Many 100th Anniversary items are on clearance! Get your commemorative items before they sell out!




Congratulations to GSCCC Girl Scouts! Brisa, 9, King City; Arabella,10, Cambria; Ashley-Lynn Fastenau, 18, Ventura. GOT MILK? news.  Participation patches will be mailed to those who entered later this month.