2015 is the last year to sign up to receive TVA's premium payments for solar.
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June 2015 Newsletter
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TVA Solar Program Update
2015 is the last year that new solar system owners can sign up to receive TVA's Green Power Providers program premium for solar electricity. For projects approved this year, TVA will pay a 2 cent premium for the next 10 years. Under next year's program, new system owners will receive the retail rate only with no premium. Lock-in 10 years of premium payments by acting now!

TVA's residential program capacity is almost 100% subscribed. 

Contact us for a free preliminary estimate or if you already have an estimate or proposal, contact us to move your project forward. 
USDA Solar Grants Available for Businesses! Deadline is June 30
Solar at TN Farm by LightWave SolarIf you own a small rural business or farm, you are probably eligible for a USDA REAP grant. The grant covers 25% of the cost of going solar!

And don't sweat the grant paperwork - we make the application process simple. 

Contact us today and we will determine your eligibility and provide a free preliminary estimate. Once you decide you want to build a project, we will assemble a winning application! Applications are due on June 30.

Since 2009, we have helped 46 business owners and farmers get a USDA grant. Our grant application approval rate is 98%! Let's get started.
Tesla Powerwall + Solar Panels = Dream Come True?
Tesla Powerwall
Not so fast!  

Tesla Powerwall is a nice product, and the idea is that it can store electricity when rates are low and power your home when rates are high. However, in Tennessee, this daily storage solution is not cost effective, yet. Our electric rates are low and do not vary by time of day. Rates would have to be considerably higher (like double or triple) at peak times for the Powerwall to save money.

The Powerwall could provide a good battery backup option for when the grid goes down, but Tesla needs to provide more information on installation and compatibility before solar installers like us can offer it as part of a solar/battery backup package. 

LightWave Solar is currently taking steps to become a certified Powerwall installer.We will keep you posted as we determine how it can be incorporated with new and existing solar systems.  
Where We'll Be: Join us at these Community Events
Urban Green Lab
Urban Green Lab Presents "Net Zero Building & Pervious Paving"
Monday, June 22, 2015, from 5:30-7:30pm
Attend to learn about sustainable building design and materials and get an insider's peak at Tennessee Concrete Association's experimental NetZero Building. LightWave Solar will be there to explain the small off-grid solar system. Free event takes place at TN Concrete Association located at 705 Fort Negley Court in Nashville, TN.

Sierra Club "Residential Solar" hosted by Middle TN Sierra Club 

Thursday, July 9, 2015, from 7:00-8:00pm
LightWave Solar explains how solar PV works for homeowners. Topics include benefits, cost and available financial incentives and financing options. Presentation at Radnor Lake Visitor Center located at 1160 Otter Creek Road in Nashville, TN (enter park from Granny White Pike).
Project Spotlights
Solar at LB Processors
LB Processors in Chapmansboro, TN
This manufacturer refines emu oil! Their 50kW system will generate $7,000/year.
New Solar Homeowner Flips Solar Switch
Homeowner in Nashville, TN
Ryan Egly flips the switch on his new 5kW solar system in Sylvan Heights.
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