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Volume 5, Issue 6

June 2013 


What's your see? squeegie


Happy summer! Okay, I know it's not really summer yet, but once the old thermometer hits 90 and I hunker down in the office with the air cranked to keep cool, it's summer. And just two days after the official summer solstice, you'll have the opportunity to catch the next BIG moon. They call it a BIG moon simply because it looks really huge...because it's closest to the earth. Look up in the sky on June 23rd, 6:32 a.m. CDT (you can adjust for your own time zone) to catch the last BIG moon until August of next year. Don't miss it!


I was channel surfing last week when I bumped into a show on the Sundance Channel called Push Girls. I'd never heard of it. Turns out it's a reality series set in Los Angeles that follows the lives of five young women, all of whom are in wheelchairs either because of an accident or a sudden medical crisis. One is quadraplegic. The show focuses on their day-to-day challenges and it immediately captured me. I mean, how do you reorganize your life and get a new "see" when your life as you've known it is completed destroyed?


The episode I watched focused on Mia, who'd been a competetive swimmer prior to suffering a ruptured blood vessel in her spinal cord. After many years, she was getting back into the water and preparing to compete against able-bodied swimmers. There was a touching moment when she looked around at her competition and it brought home to her again that she wasn't the same person she used to be and that she had to see her abilities differently.


I imagine that most of us able-bodied people would "see" living in a wheelchair as living a life that is "less than". But not these women. They challenge this habitual "see" of a life less lived and simply perceive being in a wheelchair as another of life's hurdles to be conquered...and conquer they do. It's inspiring.


This show is allso a stark reminder that challenging our "see" of the world is vital. Challenging our habitual way of "seeing" is what frees us to think differently, to act differently, to open up new possibilities for discovering the most effective ways to solve problems and 
contnue to move the ladies of Push Girls.


At BoldWork, we encourage clients to challenge the habitual way they "see" the world. Are you ready to challenge yours? 



Boldly yours,


Jennie Ayers

Senior Partner

June 2013


P.S. Check out Push Girls.

In This Issue
  • Test Your Change Management Skills 
  • Stretch Your Comfort Zone
  • Tool: How to Fake It Until You Become It 



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BrainTest Your Change Management Skills
Curated by Janice Criddle, Principal at BoldWork

heraclitus change

"The only thing that is constant is change." Heraclitus


Change. Sometimes it feels like such a buzzword. We talk about the need for it. We agonize over it happening. We celebrate it when we are successful at it. Regardless of where you work or what you do, change is a constant companion.


It only follows that since we're so experienced at dealing with change, we should be really good at managing it, right? Not necessarily.


gears in the brainWhy not test your understanding? Mind Tools, a respected peer in our industry, offers a free, short quiz. I particularly like this test because Mind Tools gives you a brief analysis of your score, guides you through the key areas of change management and provides you with links to resources for improvements.


Take a few minutes to answer the question, "How good are your change management skills?"

Stretch Your Comfort Zone 
Curated by Rebecca Ripley, Principal at BoldWork


Are you a risk-taker? Compared to whom, right? There will always be someone more risk averse than you are, but what if you want to be more innovative? What if you want to develop your right brain capabilities that, according to Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, will rule the future? You have to be willing to try things that have never been tried before. How do you decide what's a "reasonable" risk? How do you coax yourself and others out of the cozy comfort zone?


"What Makes a Risk-Taker?", a Wall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger, reports some helpful findings. According to Margie Warrell, a Melbourne, Australia-based authority on risk-taking, "Most people overestimate the probability of something going wrong...and overestimate the consequences of things going badly." The good news is that by stretching out of our comfort zone more often, we become more realistic about predicting the consequences of failure - and recognize that we can handle the consequences.


foot on first base bagA recent study at Columbia University concluded that, contrary to popular perception, women are no more risk-averse than men. So what's your risk tolerance? If you think it's low, consider times when you have been willing to take risks. Risk taking tends to be situation specific. You might be a daredevil on the weekends and afraid to go for the brass ring with your career relationships. What was different about those times when you took a chance and it paid off? How can you tap into the adrenaline rush of those successes to change your "see" about this situation? Remember the Frederick B. Wilcox baseball adage, "You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."



"Don't Fake It Until You Make It - Fake It until You Become It" Amy Cuddy 
Curated by Kris Campbell, Managing Partner at BoldWork


When I read those words spoken by Amy Cuddy during her 2012 TED talk, I knew they were the exact words that the small groups I work with needed to hear - especially around 10 a.m. When working with small groups to change their micro WorkClimate, the first step is participating in our program, ClearSky Day. This is a transformative process that requires the group to collectively overcome fear and demonstrate courage to speak out and speak up with clarity, confidence and conviction.


During ClearSky Day, the group challenges their WorkClimate's status quo and their habitual ways of speaking, thinking and doing. It's during the morning portion of the day, around 10 a.m., that the group typically faces what I call the predictable "crucible of doubt." One person may activate the hesitation with a look or phrase, and it then flashes through the group like a contagion. Suddenly, "doubt is all about" and no one is clear, confident or has much conviction that speaking the truth is wise. Too much risk? Recriminations? This is the "critical moment" when multiple options arise and the choices made will impact the outcome of the group's effort to change. The group either crosses the crucible, or forward momentum halts. It's at this malleable point when the group can either evolve or devolve, when a dynamic shift must occur for the entire group - a shift to the kind of clarity, confidence and conviction that will compel the group forward and advance the changes they want.


To trigger this critical shift, I use a Facilitator's technique we call CourageSpeak. I influence the group's language as they craft ChangeGoals. As the group makes conscious, deliberate choices of words, phrases and stories, there's a boost in the group's sense-making and strengthening of their clarity, confidence and conviction. Through consciously changing their language, the group refocuses and shifts forward.


group - arms out to sideNow Amy Cuddy, professor at Harvard Business School, provides an additional tool to overcome doubt and fear. (We first brought this TED talk to your attention last February. We highlight it again, from a different perspective...another example of changing our "see".)


Just as changing our language can change our thinking and, therefore, our actions, Cuddy offers a simple tool anyone can quickly access and use. She adds the power of body posturing as a way to "SEE" and experience ourselves differently - more powerfully. Her research is quite convincing that when people physically posture and alter their carriage in strong, confident, commanding ways...boldness and courage follow. Group arms up Cuddy's research on body language confirms that we can change not only our own but other people's perceptions - even our own body chemistry - simply by changing body positions.


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