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Volume 5, Issue 1

January 2013 

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If you follow the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the Snake. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family won't starve. I'll try to remember that the next time a copperhead decides to curl up in the sun just inside the sliding glass doors to our office.


We spent most of the holidays in the Tucson area and had a chance to cross off a couple of things on our bucket list. We spent a good part of a day at Taliesin West, the winter camp of Frank Lloyd Wright just outside Scottsdale. Built between 1937 and 1959, it is still home to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and students were in residence when we were there. Named the greatest American architect in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects, Wright left us an incredible legacy, not only the buildings he designed but a portfolio of ideas that were way ahead of his time. He created environments to both inspire and offer a place for peaceful meditation. And his Usonian houses - typically small, single-story dwellings with flat roofs and large cantilevered overhangs for passive solar heating and natural cooling, natural light and radiant floor heating, built with native materials - gave us the original footprint for today's small house movement.


We spent another day at Biosphere 2, the largest closed ecosystem ever created. The size of two and a half football fields, its massive dome contains 5 distinct ecosystems and sits amid 1650 acres in Oracle, just outside Tucson. In September of 1991, eight researchers entered Biosphere 2, where they remained for 2 years, in order to study the interactions of complex ecological systems. We were inside for only a couple of hours and it was incredible. What these pioneers learned during those two years is integral to understanding how we can sustain the only planet that we know currently supports life. Called an excellent laboratory for addressing critical questions about the future of Earth, Biosphere 2 continues to be an active research center devoted to lifelong learning.


As we say on our blog, ImagineBoldWork, work is our uniquely human way of carving our personal signature into what we do. Our work says, "I am here." We strive that the work we do every day be special, make a difference, be audacious, heady, motivating, forward, creative, daring and purposeful. And when it is, we call that BoldWork.


Happy New Year to the memory of Frank Lloyd Wright and to the researchers/scientists who build and continue to work in Biosphere 2 - their work truly is Boldwork.


Boldly yours,


Jennie Ayers

Senior Partner

October 2012

In This Issue
  • The Moral Sense Test
  • 4 Ways to Overcome Sunk Cost Bias 
  • Take the Pledge - Go Paperless

BrainThe Moral Sense Test
Curated by Janice Criddle, Principal at BoldWork

For many, the beginning of a new year is a time to reflect, assess, and set goals for both personal and professional growth and development. I recently completed an on-line test that I found thought provoking and somewhat disconcerting. The Moral Sense Test is part of a research project currently being conducted by Harvard University's School of Psychology. And although it made me uncomfortable, it also generated rich dialogue with friends and colleagues.


The issue of morals seems to stay on a front burner. Real Housewives of Wherever, Jersey Shore, The Bad Girls Club and any number of reality TV shows seem to, encourage bad behavior. At the extreme end of this bad behavior we see cyber-bullying and mass shootings.


We have also seen bad behavior play out in Corporate America. We have witnessed more than our fair share of headlines about Bernie Madoff, AIG, Enron, many of the major banks, and Wall name a few.


In a recent blog, Ben W. Heineman, Jr., author of "High Performance with High Integrity", ponders this question: Why are some sectors (ahem, finance) so scandal plagued? Ultimately, he concludes that the answer to that question is simple - clearly wrong behavior. And addressing that behavior "turns, ultimately, on a corporate culture, led from the top, that puts integrity first."


undecidedThe Moral Sense Test doesn't give you any answers or make any recommendations. The goal of the researchers is "to gain insight into the similarities and differences between the moral judgments of people of different ages, from different cultures, with different educational backgrounds and religious beliefs, involved in different occupations and exposed to very different circumstances."


I appreciated the opportunity to ponder the questions and am curious to see where the psychologists' research takes them. You, too, can be part of this research by taking the test.


Sunk Cost Bias - A Thinking Trap
Curated by Jennie Ayers, Senior Partner at BoldWork


 sunk cost

There's a certain way of thinking that can undermine our decision making process and lead us to make decisions that defy common sense. This phenomenon, known as Sunk Cost Bias, occurs whenever we invest in something in a substantial way. This investment could be the time and energy we put into our career, the money we invest in an entrepreneurial start up, or even the emotional "coin" we put into a relationship. The greater our investment, the harder it is to be objective when it comes to making a decision on whether to stay the course. Sunk cost drives wars, keeps failed political policies alive and makes us finish our meal when we're completely stuffed. It also fills our home with things we no longer use and may keep us tied to a job for which we feel little passion or satisfaction.



Check out Luciano Passuelo's piece on Sunk Cost Bias - how it can hinder us and 4 ways to overcome it.




FailingI Took the Pledge - Want to Join Me?
Curated by Kris Campbell, Managing Partner at BoldWork


In last month's see-musings, I told you about Evernote, the very best online program to turn anyone into a master of productivity. The more I use it, the more diehard fan I become.


Evernote recently created Evernote Ambassadors, a network of 26 people, experts in various areas and committed to being available to support and help Evernote users. These Ambassadors moderate online discussion forums, Blogs, Facebook events, etc. in a variety of areas, including small business, health, community, parenting, paperless living, etc. It was that last area that caught my attention and led me to my very own Evernote Ambassador, Jamie Todd Rubin, the Paperless Living Ambassador. It was kismet!


woman climbing stack of paperI spent part of the holidays sorting and cataloging over 15+ years of personal writing, everything from journal entries to 3x5 cards to scraps of paper covered in cryptic notes. If I stacked all these papers in a column, it would be 42 inches high. And at 250 pieces of paper per inch, I've got roughly 10,500 pages of important papers that need to be organized, kept safe and be easy to retrieve whenever I need them. And I know that I'll continue to generate more writing and information. After all, my career is built on information discovery, generation and dissemination. Well, Ambassador Jamie says I can have that organization, safety and retrieval...if I'm willing to take the PLEDGE and go paperless. I'm game. Are you? 




paperless water 
Jamie and the Paperless Living Community at Evernote challenge people to go paperless for 30 days, using Evernote. The pledge began January 8th and ends February 8th. (I got a two day late start, but dedication will overcome delay.) I'm wading into unknown waters of a paperless work life. Check out the links throughout this curation and the Evernote Blog and consider joining me on this scary journey into letting go of old, habitual ways of working and embracing a new, completely digital world of doing BoldWork.



Please visit my blog and share my journey into this new, challenging paperless world. This change won't be easy and whatever I learn along the way, I'll share uncensored and unvarnished. The water's deep...and there is much unknown.








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