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New Announcements in 2016! ...
Congratulations to Dan Ashley of ABC7 News and Rock the CASA on their SOLD-OUT REO Speedwagon show in Walnut Creek this month. This annual event benefits children in need and in crisis.
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Speakers that Motivate, Educate, and Inspire 

Kevin Berthia is a Suicide Prevention Advocate, a true grateful survivor that will impact any audience through his presentation. As a former student athlete, Kevin is especially attuned to young people attempting to deal with all the complexities of life, the demands of school and the pressures that sometimes accompany athletic performance. His presentation, The Impact of Listening, is an important tool to use for suicide awareness.
General (Ret.) Mark and Carol Graham continue their mission of raising awareness of the dangers of untreated depression, reminding our leaders about the real injuries of PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] and TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]; while shedding light on mental health issues. The Grahams have dedicated their lives to sharing their story losing both sons to different types of battles in order to spread Mental Health Awareness. An extraordinary and inspiring story to help all communities nationwide.
Jennifer Storm is an award winning author of four critically acclaimed books on addiction, recovery and victimization. She's been an advocate speaker for crime victims; having spent the last decade as a voice for victims by lobbying for expansive laws, representing the view of victimization in the media and providing direct services to thousands of victims. She is no stranger to the media, in fact she is often times the first call they make when stories break. As a survivor of child sexual assault, her personal struggles helped her make the decision to end her silence and use her voice to help others in same situations and abuse. In 2002, she joined the Victim Witness Assistance Program as the organization's second Executive Director Victims Advocate.
New Award-Winning Literature and Honors
Nancy L. Cohen is a best-selling author, historian and leading national expert on women and American politics. Nancy has appeared as a featured guest on NPR, MSNBC, an numerous other TV and radio broadcasts. She speaks frequently about women's leadership at conferences, literary festivals and universities across the nation. Her newest addition to the 4 books she's written, "Breakthrough: The Making of America's First Woman President" takes you behind the scenes and inside the world of America's women political leaders. Drawing on hundreds of hours of interviews with women governors and senators from both parties, experts, political operatives, and a divers array of voters. Breakthrough paints an intimate portrait of women who've built a name for themselves all to succeed in a male-dominant political atmosphere. This is a must-read book introducing you to the inspiring women behind the women who have brought us to this threshold, and to a dynamic group of young leaders who are redefining how we think about leadership, feminism, and men's essential role in achieving gender equality. This year, American voters have an opportunity to make history, presidential gender history.  More than 50 nations have elected a woman to lead them. No longer do we live in a society where sexism will hold us back from electing a female President in 2016 or future. "Americans like to think of ourselves as exceptional, but in the case of women's political leadership, we're kind of exceptionally backwards." - Nancy L. Cohen.
"Walking Man" by Mark Norwine
A Documentary on Mental Illness

"How we deal with each other in our greatest hours of need, seems to be the definition of Humanity." After a Missouri high school loses three students to suicide, Mark Norwine embarks on a 200-mile walk across the state of Missouri with his son Eric, seeking to educate students and better understand the epidemic for himself. Mark is joined by his son, Eric, but when the road proves difficult, father and son must confront their own mental health struggles, which they've kept secret until now. Endorsed by universities and mental health organizations across America, Walking Man Documentary is an honest look at one family's journey with mental illness and the signs and guidance for bullying. This story proves it's never too late to receive help to manage the struggles and challenges individuals face to know "you're not alone in this." Film featured at the 2016 National Council Film Festival. "A remarkable film, both educational and powerful!" - Mark Schechter, M.D. Harvard University. A beautiful film and selfless act of father and son, together to make a difference in the lives of all ages facing bullying, mental illnesses and the prevention of suicide by it. 
Congratulations Judge Lerner-Wren. Happy to announce your new book deal!

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren pioneered the nation's first mental health court and was instrumental in the model's national implementation. "People with mental illness and co-occurring disorders deserve access to community-based treatment and services, not jail." The success of her court and local campaign has become a national educational campaign, creating a national model that stands up to the blind criminalization of the mentally ill. More than 250 Mental Health Courts exist today based upon this paradigm that she created and thousands of mentally ill persons have diverted out of local jails and into treatment facilities.
Lerner-Wren continues to preside over the nation's first mental health court. Additionally she continues to be a inspirational advocate for the mentally ill and ending the stigma surrounding mental health. Book release Winter 2017!  
2016 Speakers

Dan Ashley 
Kevin Berthia
Dr. Kevin P. Hill 
Dr. Edith Eger 
General (Ret.) Mark & Carol Graham
Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren 
Jennifer Storm
Dr. Charles Hoge 
Michelle Renee 
Mark Norwine
Kevin Briggs 
     Nancy Cohen 
New Hiring at
The Parsons Company! 

Amanda Lanzarin is now here at Parsons! Amanda has a background in Psychology and studied to be a Forensic Psychologist. She is passionate about giving back to her peers and community as much as she can and has started her own Anti-Bully Organization in 2015, Team S.U.S.U., that has spread nationwide. A natural born artist, singer, cook,she enjoys getting meeting new people and believes in building great relationships. "I am excited to continue to grow in whatever environment I am placed in, and will do anything in my power to make sure I'm a positive contribution to making a difference." 

A special thank you, and appreciation for all the speakers who continue to bring their important messages to communities worldwide. 

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