Please find information below on two dynamic speakers with incredibly important messages for high school and college audiences.
~ Now Scheduling 2016 Engagements ~

Kevin Berthia

Kevin Berthia is a grateful
Suicide Prevention Advocate, encouraging people to talk through their problems rather than think about ending their lives. 
Kevin lost sight of gratitude in 2005 when he attempted to take his life at The Golden Gate Bridge. After jumping the railing, he stood on a narrow 4" cord about 220 feet in the air.  For 96 minutes, with nothing to stop him from falling except a listening ear, with his head pressed to the Golden Gate's rust-colored tower and the heels of his shoes resting on nothing but air, Kevin spoke with a first responder who eventually talked him back over the railing.
Since, he has presented his story of hope on The Impact of Listening to national audiences and has been featured by multiple media outlets. The photo of Kevin standing on the cord was front page of the San Francisco Chronical, placed on the 75 most iconic photos of the 21st Century, and has since gone viral on social media 
As a former student athlete, Kevin is especially attuned to young people attempting to deal with all the complexities of life, the demands of school and the pressures that sometimes accompany athletic performance. 
His 2015 TEDxTalk poignantly hit home The Impact of Listening.

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Dr. Kevin Hill 
Director, Substance Abuse Consultation Service, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse- McLean Hospital

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry- Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts resident Kevin P. Hill, MD, MHS, is the leading clinical expert on marijuana, sifting through the myths about the drug to deliver an unbiased, comprehensive presentation backed by scientific facts to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about marijuana.

Dr. Hill earned a Masters in Health Science from the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at Yale and has published on numerous topics in addiction. Recently, he has spoken nationally and appeared on television on the topics of marijuana policy and treatment, offering a balanced, evidence-based stance on these issues.  Dr. Hill's book,
Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About the World's Most Popular Weed,  released  in March 2015.
The Unbiased Truth explores the gap between the science and common misconceptions about marijuana, and offers validation for those who have come to wonder if their marijuana use is holding them back. An eye-opening, easy to understand definitive guide to the realities of marijuana usage and addiction including the latest, most cutting-edge research and relatable case studies. Ultimately, Dr. Hill gives a new perspective and knowledge of what happens when people become addicted to marijuana, and what treatments are likely to help them. 

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