Speaking out against the media's use of the term "sex scandal" when it refers to rape cases...
Jennifer Storm, author of Blackout Girl- a memoir of her own account of being raped as a teenager, is speaking out against the media's use of the term "sex scandal" when it refers to rape cases. She wants to start a #CALLITWHATITIS campaign to engage the media to stop using victim blaming language and to help shift the cultural mind-set of the average viewer to think about these cases as they are: rapes, crimes, felonies, not "sex scandals". Help spread the word by posting this video or your own using the hashtag #CALLITWHATITIS

From victim to survivor Jennifer Storm exemplifies the Gail Burns-Smith Excellence in Victim Services Award that she won in 2012 as she is a tireless advocate for crime victims; having spent the last decade as a voice for victims by lobbing for expansive laws, representing the view of victimization in the media and providing direct services to thousands of victims. As a survivor of child sexual assault and a hate crime in college, her personal struggles helped her make the decision to end her silence and use her voice to help others.


Jennifer Storm is the appointed Victim Advocate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Previously, Ms. Storm joined Victim/Witness Assistance Program as the organization's second Executive Director. A private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving victims of crimes, its mission is to reduce the trauma of a crime by empowering and assisting clients in reconstructing their lives through advocacy, support, information, and referrals;  assisting over 8,000 crime victims and witness annually.


Jennifer Storm is the ultimate survivor turned thriver having chronicled her own story of victimization and recovery in her critically acclaimed memoirs; Blackout Girl: Growing up and Drying out in America, Leave the Light On, Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up and her latest work, Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma.


As a child and teen survivor of sexual assault as well as a woman in recovery from addiction, Jennifer Storm can speak first hand about the complexities of biological and emotional responses of trauma, understanding sexual identity, the affects of substance abuse and recovery, and victim's rights. Her 2014 TEDxTalk at Muncy State Prison poignantly hit all of these points.


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