Kevin Berthia on The Impact of Listening

Kevin Berthia, TEDxUCDavisSF Presenter

Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109


Kevin Berthia is a grateful suicide survivor and suicide prevention advocate. Kevin was born with a genetic major depression disorder that he inherited from his biological mother. In 2005 at the age of 22, Kevin attempted to take his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. After jumping the railing, he stood on a 4 inch narrow cord about 220 feet in the air. For 96 minutes, with nothing to stop him from falling except a listening ear, Kevin spoke with a first responder who eventually talked him back over the railing.


In May of 2013, 8 years after his attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge, Kevin was invited by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to present The Life Savers Award to the officer who talked him back to safety. Kevin spoke publicly for the first time about the events that led up to that day March 11, 2005. Since, his story of HOPE has been featured by multiple media outlets including Nightly News with Brian Williams, ABC Fusion, The Steve Harvey Show, Men's Health Magazine and People Magazine.


The photo of Kevin standing on the cord was front page of the San Francisco Chronical, placed on the 75 most iconic photos of the 21st Century, and has since gone viral on social media.


Kevin Berthia is a Grateful Suicide Prevention Advocate, encouraging people to talk through their problems rather than think about ending their lives. Kevin believes that depression may be a part of you, but it is not who you are and that no one knows better the darkness that surrounds suicide than those who have walked in its shadow, or the light that comes from knowing that they might be able to help others avoid similar grief.


Kevin speaks both individually and with the officer who saved his life: Sgt. Kevin Briggs (Ret.), The Guardian of The Golden Gate. Kevin is now the father of three beautiful children and resides with his family in Northern California.