Military Mental Health Speakers

Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder  are the most common mental health problems faced by returning troops.


Important Presentations for  Veterans
Charles Hoge, MD, Colonel, 
U.S. Army (Ret.)

A nationally known expert on PTSD, mTBI, and other physiological reactions to was, as well as treatment strategies for war related conditions- Dr. Hoge's expertise spans psychiatry, trauma, public health, health policy, and infectious disease. 

Navigating the transition from combat to home, Dr. Hoge is the perfect choice for your 2015 Service Member to Civilian Conference. 

Once a Warrior
Major General Mark Graham, 
U.S Army (Ret.) & Carol Graham

A military family that lost two sons- one to suicide and one in combat- and devoted their lives to fighting the military's suicide epidemic and mental health stigma. 

The Grahams have become outspoken advocates for both civilian and soldiers who suffer from Depression, PTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Their story is the focus of The Invisible Front, released in Oct 2014. 

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