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[NEW Presentation/ Speakers Package] 
Lessons From the Edge... Lessons Learned!
David Kessler & Anita Moorjani

Now Scheduling this Exclusive Presentation with Select Dates
[Bestselling Author, Renowned Expert on Death & Grief]
David Kessler Describes Who & What you See Before you Die

David Kessler is one of the world's foremost experts on healing and loss. His experience with thousands of people on the edge of life and death has taught him the secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life.


He is the author of five bestselling books, including the newly released You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After Breakup, Divorce or Death with Louise Hay. He co-authored two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth K´┐Żbler-Ross: On Grief and Grieving and Life Lessons. His first book, The Needs of the Dying, a #1 best-selling hospice book, received praise by Mother Teresa. His services have been used by Elizabeth Taylor, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Marianne Williamson when their loved ones faced life-challenging illnesses. He also worked with late actors Anthony Perkins and Michael Landon.


David's work has been featured on CNN, NBC, Fox, PBS, and Dr Oz. David is a contributing writer for, Dr. Oz's, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Huffington Post.




Watch David Kessler on Entertainment Tonight- Tuesday February 3, 2105


[New York Times Best-Selling Author] 
Anita Moorjani returns from a Near Death Experience, Cured from Cancer

Anita Moorjani is a New York Times best selling author of the book Dying to be Me, speaker, and intercultural consultant for multinational corporations. In 2006, after suffering cancer for almost four years, Anita's organs started shutting down and she slipped into a deep coma. She was rushed to the hospital where she claims to have crossed into the afterlife during what she considers a Near Death Experience (NDE). Upon returning from her NDE, he body healed from the end-stage lymphoma within a matter of days and within months was completely cancer free.

She speaks on topics such as facing death, facing a prognosis of terminal illness, dealing with cancer, how to support someone with a terminal illness, fear and stress from illness.

"Dying to be Me" was published in March of 2012, and hit the New York Times' bestsellers list two weeks after its release. Moorjani was then invited to be on Wayne Dyer's PBS special titled "Wishes Fulfilled", and since then, has been interviewed on "Fox And Friends"; CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360"; National Geographic International, and more.

[NEW Speaker]
Kevin Berthia joins Parsons Speaker Roster!
Grateful Survivor- Advocate- Living Proof
"I had never dealt with any of the problems in my life, and that morning I was overwhelmed by it all.....
I parked and walked towards the bridge. As I jumped over the railings I heard someone say: "Hey, wait a minute." I was convinced I was going to end my life , but at the last moment his voice made me stop and grab the railings... I now know that was Officer Briggs  He snapped me back to reality. I was on that ledge for 92 minutes, and for 89 of those I just talked. I got everything out and he listened without judging..."

Kevin Berthia has since become a Suicide Prevention Advocate, encouraging people to talk through their problems rather than think about ending their lives. Kevin believes that depression may be a part of you, but it is not who you are. He lives in Northern California and has since welcomed a third child to the world. 

[NEW BOOK/ NEW Speakers Package]
Guardian of the Golden Gate by Kevin Briggs coming Fall 2015

CHECK OUT the NEW Speakers Package featuring Kevin Briggs and Kevin Berthia HERE

Link to People Magazine Heroes Among Us Article featuring Kevin Briggs and Kevin Berthia
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The Parsons Company has specialized in bringing unique programming to communities for over 40 years! 

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[NEW Book- NY TIMES 100 Notable Books of 2014, NationSwell 10 Most Inspiring Books of 2014] 
Maj. General Mark Graham (Ret.) and Carol Graham continue their mission in 2015
After all the hoopla of the holidays, its always good to take some down time and we recommend putting The Invisible Front on your reading list. This book chronicles the unforgettable story of The Grahams- a military family that lost two sons- one to suicide and one in combat- and channeled their grief into fighting the armed forces' suicide epidemic.
We can't wait to have Carol Graham presenting in our home state of California TWICE in the next couple of months, both in Pismo Beach and San Rafael, CA!
[NEW Team Member]
Please Welcome John Stofan to Team Parsons

A new Team Member just joined The Parsons Company, Inc.! As of January 2015, The Parsons Company is pleased to welcome John Stofan.


John brings years of experience in both the Concerts and Speaking industries having handled event management for indoor and outdoor events (Santana, Talking Heads, Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Sills & Croft, War, Allman Brothers, Lilly Tomlin, Jim Belushi, Bonnie Rait) and has worked with such Speakers as Truman Capote, William Shatner, F. Lee Bailey, and Geraldo Rivera (just to name a few).


John met Phyllis over 35 years ago, when he worked with her at three universities over a thirteen year period at University of Miami- FL, Lamar University-TX, and California University of Pennsylvania-PA, where John was the Director of Student Activities at all three.


He holds a BS in Mathematics and M.Ed. Student Personnel Administration from U of Miami and has additional expertise in the industry as Regional Sales Manager for the Caribbean - CentreCom, National Director of University Partnerships- Kaplan and Senior Director of Admissions at Argosy University.


Welcome John... delighted to have you on our team!

[Thank you!] 
As we start this new year, we wish to acknowledge and thank the amazing Speakers, Artists, Organizations, and Universities we had the privilege to work with in 2014.

We look forward to working with you this year! 


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