Fighting for Justice

Two Extraordinary Women Fighting for Human Rights...
 Presenting together for the first time to discuss Serving Justice and Promoting Recovery. 

Jennifer Storm
Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of PA
Abuse Survivor, Addiction Recovery, Author & Speaker

Storm shares details of her own dramatic story of abuse and addiction to the ultimate triumph - she now fights for the rights of other victims.

A four-time author serving as the Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of PA appointed by Governor Tom Corbett.

Storm teaches how to transform tragedy to recovery and what it takes to change the system from the inside-out.

No one deserves to be victimized - by yourself or by others. Storm is leading this battle and inspiring the next generation to make better choices.

The Honorable Ginger Lerner-Wren
Presiding Judge of the first US Mental Health Court,
Practicing Judge, Innovator of Therapeutic Justice, Speaker, Human Rights Advocate

Over 350,000 behind bars are mentally ill. They often belong in the hospital but are left to languish in prison systems that can't serve them.

There's no changing the legal system, right? Not according to Judge Lerner-Wren.

Judge Lerner-Wren has been fighting for the rights of this forgotten population. The Mental Health Court has successfully diverted over 16,000 from jail into treatment. 

In her presentation, the Judge inspires the audience that even the most impossible change can be made real and to fight for the human rights of all. 

Possible Topics: 
Justice Speaks!, Serving Justice and Promoting Recovery, First Response to Victims in Crises, Collaborations that Save Lives, Advances of Problem Solving Justice in the Criminal Justice System

More About Jennifer Storm:
  • Author, Blackout Girl: Growing Up & Drying Out in America
  • Author, Leave the Light On
  • Author, Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up
  • Author, Echoes of Penn State: Facing Child Sexual Trauma
  • Gail Burns-Smith Excellence in Victim Services Award
  • PA Governor's Pathfinder Award for Excellence in Victims Services
  • Active victim's advocate during the Sandusky trial
  • Pivotal role in PA legislature passing most inclusive hate crime statue in US
  • Executive Director, Victim/Witness Assistance Program (2002)
  • Commissioner to the PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency (2002)
  • Director Statewide Pennsylvania Rights Coalition
  • Debated Oliver North on syndicated talk show "Common Sense with Oliver North"
  • Daupin County Elder Abuse Taskforce
  • Northern Daupin Human Services Advisory Panel
  • Criminal Justice Advisory Board of Dauphin County
  • Over 500 media & radio interviews
  • Multiple publications including Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Advocate
  • Traveled the country presenting on victims' rights, addiction/recovery, civil rights
  • Multiple and frequent appearances on all major networks including ABC, FOX, NBC, NPR, CBS & PBS

More About Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren:
  • Presiding Judge over US first Mental Health Court (1997-present)
  • 2014 National Association of Social Workers, FL Chapter, Elected Official of the Year
  • Top Finalist for 2013 Innovating Justice Awards: The Hague Institute
  • 2013 Justice Leadership Award, Broward County Crime Commission, 34th Annual 
  • Top 500 Judges in America: Law Dragon Awards (2006)
  • White House Conference on Mental Health- Mental Health Court "Best Practice" (1999)
  • The President's Commission New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (2002)
  • Adjunct Professor for Nova Southeastern University (NSU)
  • Center for Psychological Studies Board of Advisors (NSU) (1998-2006)
  • Public Guardian of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit (previous)
  • Broward Behavioral Health Coalition Criminal Justice Advisory Board (2012)
  • Broward County Women's History Coalition Member (2011)
  • University of Miami School of Law, Judges Advisory Board 2010
  • Florida Initiative Suicide Prevention Board of Directors (2009-present)
  • SAMSHA National Advisory Council (2003-2007)
  • The Carter Center, Rosalyn Carter Symposium on Mental Health (2004-present)
  • Florida NAMI Board of Directors (2004-2006)
  • Multiple articles, journal publications and presentations
  • Featured on CNN, NPR, Good Morning America + countless news media reports
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