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With the holidays just around the corner, it's important to keep in mind that strength is in numbers. Reach out and connect with your family, friends and community. The life you save may be your own.

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Kevin Hines
"Life is a gift."

Kevin Hines attempted to end his life by suicide at the age of 19 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He would become one of 33 to survive the attempt of the of the confirmed 1,558 who have lost their lives to the fall. Since, he has devoted his life to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Kevin openly shares his inner battles with bipolar disorder and the brave steps he has taken to live mentally well. Author of the best-selling memoir Cracked, Not Broken, Hines is a remarkable testament to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder to us to love the life we have.  
Sgt. Kevin Briggs (Ret.)
"Guardian of The Golden Gate Bridge"

As a member of the CHP for over twenty-three years, with the majority of those years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge, Sgt. Briggs discovered early that his job required him to take on an unusual role for a police officer: suicide prevention counselor. As a cancer survivor and survivor of multiple heart operations, Briggs' familiarity with personal struggle bonds him with suicidal men and women. With simple empathy, an instinct for improvisation and a refusal to walk away, Briggs has negotiated several hundred people from suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. As he told the
SF Chronicle, "I've talked to people from ten minutes to seven hours. I very much despise losing. I do whatever I can to get that person back over the rail. I play to win." Sgt. Briggs retired from the CHP in November 2013. His 2014 TedTalk has gone viral with over 1.6M views.
** Kevin Hines and Kevin Briggs co-presented numerous engagements together, especially during September; The National Suicide Prevention Month. 
Now Scheduling (September) 2015 engagements.

"The dynamic duo of Kevin Briggs and Kevin Hines inspired the crowd of 600 participants with their touching and inspirational presentation at the 2014 Trauma Conference in Mississippi.  Rarely, do you get an opportunity to hear a tag team presentation that takes the participants on an emotional roller coaster ending with the desire to be a better therapist, friend, family member.........human being!"    

Jackie Chatmon, Project Director
Mississippi Transitional Outreach Program
Mississippi Department of Mental Health

General Mark Graham, Ret. & Carol Graham
"Land of the free because of the brave."

General Mark Graham (Ret.) & Carol Graham lost their two sons to very different battles. Kevin was a Senior ROTC scholarship Cadet who lost his life to suicide in 2003. Jeffery was a commissioned lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He lost his life while warning his platoon against an IED in Iraq in 2004. Since, the Grahams have dedicated their lives to telling their story to prevent other deaths to suicide. Released this month, The Invisible Front by Yochi Dreazen details The Grahams story:  how one family tries to set aside their grief and find purpose in almost unimaginable loss. The Grahams work to change how the Army treats those with PTSD and to erase the stigma that prevents suicidal troops from getting the help they need before making the darkest of choices. Their fight offers a window into the military's institutional shortcomings and its resistance to change.

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