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The Honorable Ginger Lerner-Wren
Heading the Nation's First Mental Health Court 
Innovator, Humanitarian, Justice 
& Mental Health Advocate  
Judge Lerner-Wren and Broward's Mental Health Court is America's First Specialized Court dedicated to the safe diversion and decriminalization of persons with mental illness. Established in 1997, this innovative court was created as a "specialized diversion court" to address the complexities of mentally ill offenders arrested on nonviolent misdemeanor offenses and to improve the administration of justice for those with serious mental and psychiatric disorders. Since its inception, Lerner-Wren has greatly improved the administration of justice for thousands of individuals with serious mental health and psychiatric disorders.  

Award-Winning International Speaker
Justice Leadership Award (2013) Humanitarian of The Year Award (2000), Children's Advocate Award (2000)
Judge Lerner-Wren is the recipient of countless awards and speaks internationally on the The Mental Health Court, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Recovery, The Mentally Ill in the Criminal Justice System, Trauma Informed Problem Solving Justice and Creating Cultural Change. She is a Huffington Post invited contributor for Healthy Living. 


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