June 27, 2014
Suicide Barrier Finally Approved for Golden Gate Bridge
Kevin Hines rejoices; quoted by multiple media sources on historic Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier, safety net approval.

 Chicago Tribune

"Beautiful, majestic, but a harbinger of death it will no longer be," said mental health activist Kevin Hines, who said he survived a suicide attempt from the bridge.


"Not one more soul, not one more soul will be lost to that bridge," said Hines, 32
Napa Valley Register
Friday morning marked a momentous day for supporters of the bridge barrier. The $76 million project budget was approved by the bridge's board of directors...


In the short amount of time it took him to hit the water, Hines had already changed his mind and positioned himself to try and survive the fall. He shattered two of his lower vertebrae, but lived to tell about it.
The Independent
"During a news conference before the vote, one of the few people who had survived a suicide attempt off the bridge rejected the argument that those who were suicidal would find another way if safety nets were installed. Kevin Hines, 32, said he felt "instant regret" when he jumped."
Breitbart U.K. 
Kevin Hines, 32, who miraculously survived his suicide attempt in 2000 when he tried to jump off the bridge, said he had felt "instant regret" upon jumping and that the barrier will act as an important suicide deterrent.


Q13 Fox News 

"(It has been) 77 years of needless deaths and survivor family devastation," Kevin Hines, one of the rare people who survived a suicide attempt from the bridge, said before the board's vote...the move toward a safety barrier means the community at last is "placing higher value and worth on people's lives over a piece of bright red iron."

"I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders, all of our shoulders. I feel free," Hines said. "I feel a sense of hope that I haven't had in a very long time. It's not over yet. We will be here until that net is raised and no more people die." 
"I am hopeful that the decision made here tomorrow will not only make history but will mean that not one more soul will be lost to that bridge, and not another family will be left with a dark abyss of eternal pain," he said. "Let's make the net real."
Kevin Hines, who miraculously survived his suicide attempt after jumping off the structure in 2000 at age 19, urged the board before its vote to "not let one more family sit in eternal pain, in perpetuity because of politics."


International Business Times
The vote marks a last step in what has been a decades-long campaign by families of suicide victims.
John Kevin Hines is one of the handful of people known to have survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge


Kevin Hines, who was 19 when he survived a suicide attempt off the bridge in 2009, wept when the funding was approved.


The Golden Gate Bridge is the top suicide spot in the U.S. and one of the most popular suicide sites in the world. An estimated 1,600 people have committed suicide by jumping off the bridge since it opened in 1937.


SF Examiner
"For families who have lost their loved ones it's far too late," he said. "But for those people who care so much not to see another family lose a member, this is all the best they can hope for and all the best I can hope for." 
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