Dear Student Affairs,

We're so excited to connect with you again regarding concerts, comedy, and speakers for the students on your campus! It has been a busy year as you can see from some of the talent we've been bringing to universities across the US.

Check out some of the talent we can bring to your campus, and we look forward to talking soon.

The Parsons Company, Inc.
Kelly Clarkson, Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Colbie Callait, Heart, Blues Brothers, ZZ Top, All-American Rejects, Styx...and many more!

We work to bring a wide variety of music to your students
from rock to blues to contemporary, country and alternative. Start by calling to see if your favorite artist is touring and we'll get started!

Find out who's available for your students at (925) 934-5300 or [email protected].

Check out the Parsons Company, Inc.
Bill Cosby, Jeff Dunham, Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Colin & Brad, Patton Oswalt, Wayne Brady, Demetri Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry so much more!

We love comedy and so do the students! Great for Mom or Dad's Weekend or any time during the year that you want to have the students rolling in the aisles... Who do you want?

Call for the latest comedians at (925) 934-5300.
Email for more details
We will be reaching out over the next few weeks and look forward to talking.

For more information about our cause-driven speakers, visit our website. We have an incredible roster of speakers that present on the contemporary issues most affecting students today. Click on the speakers tab to see who's available at The Parsons Company, Inc.

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Phyllis Parsons of The Parsons Company, Inc.

We are a 40 year old company that represents many kinds of buyers including universities, theaters, and arenas across the US. 

We work with all major agencies and can bring rock, comedy, or speakers to your campus.

What talent have you been dreaming of for your students?

Parsons Company, Inc.
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The Parsons Company, Inc.  



Phyllis Parsons

(925) 934-5300 

[email protected]