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Californian Highway Patrol Sgt. (Ret.)
Kevin Briggs
"Guardian of the Golden Gate"

2013 Jefferson Award Recipient for Public Service

2013 Public Service Award, Annual Lifesavers Dinner  presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

2013 Outstanding Officer Award presented by American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

2013 California State Senate Resolution Recipient
"Sgt. Briggs not only saves lives, he inspires us all with his compassion and dedication," says Robert Gebbia, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Director. "He's a true American hero."
-People Magazine, September 2013


Upon graduating high school, Kevin Briggs entered the United States Army. He spent three years in the Armed Forces, with assignments in the United States and Europe. His law enforcement career began in 1987 as a correctional officer at Soledad State Prison and San Quentin State Prison.

In 1990, he entered the California Highway Patrol (CHP) academy and after 23 years with multiple commendations for service, Sgt. Kevin Briggs retired in the Fall of 2013. Nicknamed the Guardian of the Golden Gate, Briggs predominately worked on the Bridge- an assignment that would prove to be very challenging as the Golden Gate Bridge produced an average of four to six suicidal persons, multiple traffic collisions, and dozens of other law enforcement "calls" each month. 

"People who come to jump don't necessarily want to die," explains Briggs, 50, who calmly introduces himself just a few feet away to the despondent person, in his dedication often standing for hours in bone-chilling wind, rain, or heavy fog. 

"I try to find out what brought them to this point," says Briggs, a cancer survivor and father of two boys. "If I can get them to break down, that's a good sign, it shows they're listening and thinking. If someone says they have no plan for tomorrow, I say, 'OK, let's make one.' "

Today Kevin Briggs is active in efforts to promote Crisis Management, Crises Intervention Training, Leadership Skills and Suicide Intervention & Prevention worldwide. His speaking engagements educate law enforcement departments across the country, including the FBI, and he consults and advises major companies and corporations.  


His story and experiences have been featured in The New Yorker Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, NPR's Bob Edwards Radio Show,NBC Nightly News with Brian Wilson, The Steve Harvey Show,  and People Magazine.


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