Their incredible message... 
Anyone can discover how to bounce back and be extraordinary and live a resilient life no matter what they have survived. 

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The Resilient Teen & The Resilient Parent 
Extreme Resiliency: A Mental Wellness Presentation
The Resilient Survivor
The Resilient Leader
At first, they were Held Hostage....
Michelle was an AVP for one of the worlds largest banks. However, she and Breea were kidnapped and Michelle was forced to rob her own bank. This horrific hostage ordeal would end her 13 year professional career and left Michelle, a single mom, with an uncertain future. However, she started a new life with her daughter, Breea. Her debut book, Held Hostage (which was also a Lifetime Movie which premiered globally) recounts this inspiring tale of survival.

World MS Day: Breea Inspiring Others on San Diego Living
WATCH Breea Inspire Others during her interview on San Diego Living
...and then it happened again.
One year ago, Breea was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Breea was only 18 and a high school senior the day she collapsed. After six weeks in the hospital and followed by months of acute rehabilitation, Michelle knew it was time once again to show her daughter what living a resilient life was all about. 
Since, Breea has been named the 2013 World
MS Day Ambassador for the U.S. 


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