SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 13, 2013-- International Speaker, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner & Mental Health Advocate publishes memoir 
Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt with Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, which will hit shelves July 16, 2013. 


Kevin's story is remarkable: not everyone who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder is able to articulate their experience of it and not many people can say they've survived jumping from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, either. Uniquely, Kevin is a survivor of both instances who has learned to live mentally well. 


When Kevin was 19-years old, two years after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, he jumped from the 220-foot bridge deck and into the San Francisco Bay in an attempt to end his pain. He is only one of 33 to survive the fall over the bridge's 75-year existence and the only survivor who works actively to promote suicide prevention. Cracked, Not Broken is Kevin's story: a search for mental wellness, and in many ways, a search for life. A must-read for anyone who's faced inner demons, or those who seek the answer to the question: why carry on? 


Kevin's life is a testament to his boundless optimism and will to live. In 2012, he was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in suicide prevention. He has addressed thousands of audiences world-wide about his struggle-- and commitment-- to live mentally well. 


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