Wednesday Breea was a healthy 18 year old high school senior and cheerleader preparing for college.  
By Thursday night she was paralyzed and blind on her left side and unable to speak or swallow.  The diagnosis: severe onset of multiple sclerosis....   

 With hard work and "Extreme Resiliency," Breea would walk to receive her high school diploma 7 months later.

To raise awareness of what it is like living with multiple sclerosis, this May six inspiring young people from around the world share their mottos on identity, relationships and the future as a part of World MS Day 2013. 

Breea Renee is the US Ambassador for World MS Day 2013
Breea's Inspiring Story
Breea's Inspiring Story
There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), yet MS is the most common neurological disease affecting young people. Breea was named the US Ambassador for World MS Day 2013. In so doing, she's been asked to share her inspiring motto with the world with the aim of encouraging others to overcome the challenges we all face, making the most of what life brings.

Breea and her mom, Michelle Renee
have worked hard, using what Michelle calls "Extreme Resiliency" to fight the daily battles of MS....

Graduation was only the first step...
Breea continues to inspire those around her with her strength, determination and will to LIVE.
To learn more about multiple sclerosis or to get involved locally,
visit To explore the mottos of all six worldwide ambassadors and mottos submitted by people from around the world, visit

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